Sunday, April 24, 2011

Speaking of fish......

While still deep in the midst of spring cleaning, I found time to make this quick little project.  I got the idea from here and here. 

It's the age old magnetic fishing game and since Caitlin is learning about colours and numbers I was able to not only use up just about all of the googly eyes in my stash but all the colours of felt too.

I simply drew out a shape of a fish and cut two of each colour.  Then sandwiched a paper clip between the two layers and stitched embroidery floss (3 strands) around the edge making sure to stitch a little extra around the paper clip to hold it in place.  Lastly, numbered the fish using a felt pen.  I tried using fabric paint in a squeeze bottle, but it got caught up in the fuzz on the felt. 

Finding a stick, attached a piece of string and fashioned a hook shape from felt.  Inside the felt hook is a small round magnet.  I made lots of stitches to hold the magnet inside the hook, but I will warn Caitlin's mom to supervise her when she uses this in case the magnet comes out.  I fret about kids and small objects like the size of this magnet.

Then I needed a fish pond.  I thought about making a cloth bucket.  Then I toyed with the idea of covering a box with the remaining felt in shapes of waves and other aquatic life.  But then I stumbled upon this basket.  Perfect!

All the fish fit perfectly inside plus there are two handles.  

If I were to make this project again I might make the fish larger in different shapes using scraps of fashion fabrics and have features on the fish like fins and gills. The fish would be stuffed too.  Little softie fish.  Instead of using paper clips perhaps use grommets.  
The fish pond would be a cloth bucket with aquatic life or maybe just shells appliqued on the sides.  Oh, and rope handles.
Okay. Back to spring cleaning...............


  1. When I made a fish game, I sewed a piece of ribbon with a d-ring in the snout of the fish and I sewed it all by machine except the stuffing hole. It came out great - yours is really nice too. :-)

    I have a bad photo here: - you can see the pink ribbon on some of the fish.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photo Anne. Your fish look great. Clever idea using a d-ring.