Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The other day my daughter called to say Caitlin was watching the movie Snow White and then noted that she didn't have a Snow White dress.
"Call Grandma and tell her to make a Snow White dress for me" was the request.

As good luck would have it, there was 50% off sale at Fabricland.  So off I drove to the nearest town with an F'store all the while trying to recall what Snow White's dress looked like. 
Looking through the pattern books, I found a picture and promptly bought some quilting cotton to match what I saw because I knew I didn't have the correct colours of cotton in my stash.

Using my own basic bodice style pattern the only modification was creating a V in the front bodice section and subsequent front skirt section plus adding red to the sleeves.  There is an excellent tutorial (here) showing the sleeve technique.

Oh, and instead of having the collar pieces meet at the front, they meet at the back with a large gap at the front.
I didn't use any interfacing because I suspect a standing collar would be uncomfortable.

So here's the finished dress.  It's size 4 and plenty big enough to wear over regular clothes.

On a trip down to the city to visit my mother, I stopped in to see Caitlin and give her the dress. She loved it.  And as good luck would have it, her daddy bought her a Snow White tiara to match.

(I over-adjusted the red-eye and gave Caitlin a big blue eye in the process .... ooops.)

And it twirls perfectly too!    The dress is large enough to fit over a coat, so if she wants to wear it to the playground, she's good to go. 

I have to say, I'd rather be making a smocked dress or something similar in the little girl dress category as opposed to a cartoon character outfit.  But when I heard a little voice on the phone say to me "can you make me Snow White dress, Grandma" I melted.

Caitlin is only 2 1/2 years old and I just can't recall any of my 3 children at that age asking for something specific to wear.
Well, like any Grandmother worth her salt, I'm going to assume she is just plain brilliant!