Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Dress #1

At least 8 years ago, I pleated and smocked the front section for a dress that  I got the idea from in either Sew Beautiful, Creative Needle or AS&E.  It was so long ago, I just can't recall.

When my daughter suggested a smocked Christmas dress size 3, for Caitlin I jumped into action, rooted through the UFO box and pulled out the smocked front section and uncut plaid cotton fabric and velvet for the collar and cuff.

Using a basic bodice style pattern, using size 3, here's the completed dress.

It's windy outside so it looks a little askew.

I even had the foresight back then to include in the UFO bag the tiny little black buttons that appeared on the dress in the magazine.

I piped the velvet collar in the same plaid fabric, but used black cotton to pipe the smocked section to the front yoke.

While out shopping I came across these dear little black velvet ballet style shoes in size 7 and made 2 little bows using the plaid fabric.  They are just stitched in place over top of the existing bow.  They can be removed easily.

Cutting out the back bodice section required at little fussy cutting to match the plaid as did cutting the back skirt section so the the sides matched.

The sleeves match the front section and that was truly a fluke!  I had cut them out before realizing they needed to match but thought, oh what the heck, it'll be fine if they don't.  Go figure!

The tucked hem was a snap because I could follow the plaid lines with the iron to get the fold exact.

I am really pleased with the outcome and think my daughter and granddaughter will be too.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Home Dec on Deck

The weather is beginning to turn, albeit in a roller coaster fashion going from mild to chilly and back again, but this morning there was a very light dusting of snow on the railing.  Once the sun rises, it'll be gone.  However this change in weather hearld's a new season .......  sewing season!

First up on deck is a home dec project.
My daughter bought a quilt and sham from Pottery Barn Kids for Caitlin's 'big girl bed'.  She asked if I could make two pillows to match.  I think they turned out well.

With leftover fabric I made Polly Dolly.  She is basically a stick figure; triangular dress in fashion fabric, head, arms and legs in muslin.  I made the pattern myself, it was very easy.

Polly Dolly is a sister to Molly Dolly.  I made Molly years ago. She was the prototype and a favourite doll for Caitlin when she comes to visit.

And if you ever want a friend to join you at a Tea Party in Grandma's Gazebo (a.k.a. Zee-gee-bo), then Molly Dolly is your gal!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sewing room makeover

My sewing room was taking on a life of it's own.  Despite trying to use up my stash I felt like was becoming a hoarder.

There was crib in the room too, and it was a nightmare cleaning up making sure there were no pins on the floor. 

When it wasn't being used as a nursery, it was truly a messy place.  Time for a complete make over!

The crib got moved to the Treehouse (guest cottage) and a single bed put in it's place.  I made some red plaid drapes, headboard and bedskirt. Trimmed a side table with red plaid inserts and bought new lamp.

I put some funky Canadiana folk art object in the window.  Our whole cottage has the lodge look, so this room fits in well with the rest of the decor.

Then I installed a long drapery rod and hung black drapes to hide the unsightly shelves holding the bins of fabric, notions, patterns and book.  But I can pull them back and leave them open when I'm sewing the room.

I have a card table with a large cutting board that I can set up along with an ironing board when working on a project. 
But if the bed has to be used for an overnight guest, it can all be easily put away and become a cozy room!

Now to find the time for serious sewing!