Sunday, January 22, 2017

Building Block dress

Oliver + S has published a book called the Building Block Dress. In the book are basic pattern pieces and all the information one needs to create just about any style dress.

Oliver + S Building Block Dress

Caitlin saw some grey and red plaid fabric in my stash and asked me to make her a dress. Enter the Building Block Dress book.

She's size 8 for some parts and size 10 for others. So I decided to make a dropped waist dress and for the collar, make a detachable fur collar.

Here's the dress finished.
I used the bodice pieces from the pattern in the book, lengthened and flared them out at the side going from size 8 to size 10.
Also used the sleeve from the book but had to shorten the length. 

I used the collar piece from the book and added an inch at the fold. I cut the lining (cotton) 1/4" smaller than the fashion fabric which in this case was fur.

I did a fairly good job matching up all the plaid and the dress fits perfectly.

There wasn't enough plaid leftover to make a matching dress for her doll however she was keen on using some other plaid that was leftover from a table runner so she made a dress for her doll mostly by herself.
Lots of plaid going on in this photo as we play 'pin the sporran on the highlander' at our Robbie Burns dinner party.

Just look at her "sonsie" face.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sewing 2016

I was completely surprised at all the sewing and knitting projects I managed to do over the course of 2016 when I made this photo mosaic.........

There were a few other things that weren't included like making sheers for the bathroom..... a couple of other knitting and sewing items I just didn't photo document.

Two of my trusty sewing machines packed it in last year; my serger, a Bernette that had to be 20+ years old and my main sewing machine, a Husqvarna Quilt Designer that was 12+ years old.
Temporarily, I used my Husqvarna Iris, again an old machine with limited capabilities but as good luck would have it, my husband convinced me to get 2 new machines.

I took him with the sewing machine store with me because he does not recognize the value of a dollar and he loves anything techy.

When he saw the Babylock Enlighten serger (which happened to be the most expensive in the store) and the air threading technology, (which I totally did not need) he insisted I get it.
Who am I to argue?

Then I turned to the Husqvarna Q Opal 690Q for my main machine. I figured I could use the feet from my previous machine and plus the 690Q had features that I liked in the Quilt Designer.
So I got it too.

Things are looking kind of messy and chaotic on my sewing table but that's how I seem to operate. FYI, my house is perfectly tidy. Everything in it's place and not a dust bunny nor an Irish curtain to be found. It's not the same case for my sewing space.

Once I clear off my cutting table and finish some mending projects I plan to be back to some serious sewing once again.