Friday, December 31, 2010

Hop Scotch pattern

I am really enjoying the Oliver + S patterns.  They are easy to follow, size accurate and even though I've been sewing for decades, no,  more like a half century, I seem to learn something new from each pattern. And the Hop Scotch pattern is no exception.

Knits have never been my forté.  Sure, over the years I've made a knit items but overall I've gravitated to wovens for sewing projects.

This pattern was designed for knits.  My daughter prefers knits because she doesn't have to iron knit garments. (Sounds like my elderly mother!) And you know, it was easy peasy to make and I actually learned something new about my sewing machine too!

Knit dress, size 2. This knit was probably more suitable for a cardigan, but it worked well for the dress.

Size 18-24 months. I made knit leggings to match, (size 1 from a McCalls pattern) and I suspect they are a little too large.

Purple butterfly button on the top.

Knit top size 2T.  I didn't have enough scrap yellow pinwale cord to make the Hop Scotch skirt.  So I adapted the principles of the Lazy Day skirt and added some hot pink velvet trim that matched the hot pink of the flower in the knit print.

I feel that I have accomplished not only sewing with knits and functions of my sewing machine but also I busted a little more of my stash before the end of the year.

Looking forward to next year's stash bustin'!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Red Flannel Christmas Dress.

I have about 6 meters of red and black buffalo check flannel.  It's a staple wardrobe fabric around here where I live.  While I have some plans for all that flannel, I thought I'd take a meter and make Caitlin a red flannel dress.

Fabric to wear huntin' and fishin'.

So I ordered the Oliver + S Jump Rope pattern from Elegant Stitches, who have been providing me with excellent service by the way.  When my order arrived, they gave me a credit because of their Anniversary Sale.  Thanks!

Like all the Oliver + S patterns I've tried to date, it was straightforward, easy to follow (although I got a little bogged down with the placket at the neck edge) and I am pleased with the end result. 

Made View B using View A pocket. 18-24mo.

I found some pine buttons in my stash.  Unfortunately, I only had 2 of the small size buttons.  The larger ones are a little too big for the pocket, but hey, they'll do!

How difficult would it be to make my own wood buttons?

For Christmas dinner I'm going to ask all my children to wear their red and black flannel shirts.  Grandbaby already has her flannel dress.  And with some of the remaining flannel I'll make some napkins for the dinner table.

It's going to be a Red Flannel Christmas!

The dog is going to need something red flannel too.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Book & Toys

A neighbour is an artist and she has illustrated a children's book called The Perfect Bear.  I bought a copy and of course had her sign it.  It's a Christmas gift for Caitlin.

ISBN 978-0-9810609-1-0

Then I got idea to make some of the toys found in the book.  A sock monkey, a giraffe,  whale, Raggedy Ann and a bear.

I found a sock monkey already made at a toy store along with a bear that looked similar to the bear featured in the book.

I've run out of time to make a giraffe and a whale, but I did manage to make a Raggedy Ann doll.  But I ran out of stuffing so this doll looks a little wrinkled, much like her maker!

McCalls 8077

I tried to match the doll to the one in the book. 

To see more of this charming little book, go to  Yellow Toadstool Press then click on the book cover and download the sample text and illustrations.

This is what the illustrators studio looks like.  It's a Fairy Castle in the woods.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fifth Christmas dress completed.

I've  had this velveteen in my stash for ever it seems.  It's dark green and under certain lighting conditions, it has a sheen to it.  In this photo, it looks like the green sheen you'd see on a Ruby Throated Hummingbird!
It looks better in person than under this light ...  daylight, against white snow and the flash kept going off. Plus the lens kept fogging up going from inside our warm cottage to outside where the wind chill is -15 C.

I used the Bubble Dress but modified the bodice in order to add long sleeves.  This pattern works up really quickly and bonus, my daughter really likes the style.  So I'll be making a lot more of these dresse come the new year.

I used my walking foot to control the velvet as it wanted to shift under the presser foot.  However, I had a real problem putting on the gold piping.  There is no such thing as a piping/cording walking foot.  Too bad because it would have come in handy!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poinsettia pin.

I was able to find some red felt to finish off the Bubble Dress.   Using the template found here:   this  poinsettia pin went together quickly.

I used some small jingle bells in the centre and whip stitched a safety pin on the back.

I think it looks perfect on this dress.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fourth Christmas dress completed.

It's overcast and raining so I can't use outdoor light today to photograph the 4th Christmas dress installment.  This will have to do.

I used the 18 month size of Children's Corner 'Adelaide'.  Thankfully I was able to double check the construction of the placket in a box pleat using their helpful on-line video found here:

To make it Christmassy, I found this silvery star patterned fabric to use on the collar and sleeve cuff.

Found some star buttons and attached with Sulky silver thread.

The pattern called for a 3 1/4" hem.  I only used a 3" hem and I think it's too short.  Oh, well.  It can be fixed if need be.

I'd like to make a few more dresses.  Maybe some smocked ones.  But first I think I had better see if the dresses I've made thus far fit!  They are all either size 1 or 18mos.  All four have varying hem lengths, sleeve lengths and widths. 

I love this dress.  I love the pattern and how quickly it went together.  When I showed my husband the finished product he thought it looked rather 'Jackie O' looking.  And that comment has given me some ideas for the next time I use this pattern.