Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blouse and shorts

Two Oliver + S patterns: Class Picnic Blouse and Puppet Show shorts.  Both size 3T.

Class Picnic blouse is minty green cotton with brown polka dots.
This pattern was easy to do. Because the back yoke is similar in size to the front yoke, next time I plan to stitch a piece of ribbon in the back yoke to mark the back. Although if the blouse is worn backwards it probably wouldn't be noticed.

Puppet Show shorts are made in brown linen, but not true linen.  More like a faux linen.
The pattern was quick and easy. Too easy.  So I'm going to make a lot more shorts using this pattern.
Next time I won't double double stitching on the pockets.  That was a mistake.

Note to self: stitch a piece of ribbon in the back yoke section of the Class Picnic blouse to denote back of blouse.
Pay attention to the pattern directions for the Puppet Show shorts pockets.

Everything fits.

This biggest concern when I make outfits for Caitlin is, will it fit?  Despite having all her measurements most times it hit or miss.
I was down in the Big Smoke the other day and with dresses in hand tried them on.

Maggie Mae by Shwin & Shwin fit perfectly except it was a little long.  That was my fault as I added extra length to the dress as well as the contrasting hem to balance with the yoke contrast.
This is an easy fix.

When I was cutting out Oliver + S fabric Modern Workshop for the Oliver + S Apple Picking dress,  I silently thought it should have been used for pajamas.
Well, when I showed Caitlin the dress she said "jamama's!" Hmmm. Seems that a 2 year old thinks the same way.
At any rate the dress fit perfectly as all O+S patterns do.

Notes to self:  leave hem lengths on Maggie Mae as per the pattern.
On Apple Picking dress: cut the neck tie portion wider after the point where it attaches to the neck to make for a fuller neck tie.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Apple Picking Dress

Oliver + S Apple Picking Dress size 3.

It went together quickly but I struggled with the neck tie.  Next time I need to make sure the piece has been cut and notched exactly.
Also, next time make the right side placket (under side one) wider.

Piping was added while putting the front placket in place.

Piping on the sleeve added while assembling the cuff piece.

Pretty fabric but maybe it's would have been more suited for a pajamas.

Note to self: neckband must be cut exactly and make right placket a little wider.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Maggie Mae

This is pdf pattern from Shwin & Shwin called Maggie Mae.  I made it in size 3.

The instructions were easy to follow and came with photos too.

I added piping to the neck, top yoke and around the armholes. But I must have made an error because the armholes seem too small.  Since this is a test run, I'll adjust the pattern next time out.

Note to self:  add a placket to the skirt section, construct the upper bodice section differently than instructions tucking the lining inside.
Sarah wants the next one in navy blue with white contrast and red bow at waist as per Jackie O styles.

Friday, March 16, 2012


I received an urgent call from my daughter early yesterday morning for some Mom/Granny help.  A nasty flu big was sweeping through her family.
So I quickly gathered a few things, jumped in the car and drove down to the Big Smoke.
I took with me the Seashore Sundress but in my haste forgot to put a little treat in the pockets.

Caitlin looked inside one pocket ... but found nothing.

Then she looked in the other pocket and again, Grandma has struck out and forgot to put in a little surprise.

Well, I might have been fired from being a Gran but was totally redeemed because everyone loved the dress.
It fit perfectly. My daughter loved the fabric.  It was a hit.  Even the empty pockets!

I'm going to make up a bunch more dresses over the weekend and pray I don't get the flu bug that was rampant in my daughter's house.

Note to self: Don't forget the pocket treats!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seashore Sundress

I bought this fabric a few years ago and it was my first on-line purchase. It's Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson.
Actually, I bought several different fabrics from this line. Today seemed like a perfect day to use up a meter from one of the designs for the Oliver + S Seashore Sundress.  It's size 3.

Now for the notes to myself so I can bang out a few more of these sundresses using some shortcuts.

First, iron on the interfacing pieces and edge finish the front and back facings (pc# 1 & 2).

Next, add piping to the pocket edge (pc# 3), down the sides front panel (pc# 6) and back panel (pc# 7).
NOTE: end the piping just a hair longer than 5/8" from the bottom edge of the front panel. A 5/8" hem is turned up and this allows for easier folding/ironing/stitching later.

Construct pocket as per instructions and trim the inside of the pocket/piping edge and iron.

Stitch in place  pc# 8 pocket over pc# 9 and pc#3 and edge finish.

Gather the pocket/front ruffle section (above photo)  and the back ruffle (pc#4) using zig-zag over crochet cotton. 
Do it on the wrong side of the fabric.

Gather and pin pocket/front ruffle sections to front side panels (pc# 5) and gently pull out the crochet gathering thread while stitching.
Edge finish.

Attach the 2 front side panels to the front panel (pc#6), edge finish the seams.
Then put piping along the top edge.
Attach the front facing (pc#1) and trim the seam allowance.
Turn and press.

Attach the back side panels to the back panel (pc# 7) and edge finish seam allowances.
Then  attach back ruffle (pc# 4) to those 3 pieces and edge finish.
Then attach back facing (pc #2) and trim seams.

Attach the front section  to the  back section.  When edge finishing the side seams, begin at least 5/8" down and trim away excess piping to eliminate bulk from under arm.

 Hand stitch facings to side seams.

Finish hem as per instructions:
Baste 5/8" hem and fold and press along that line.
Fold in raw edge to meet basting stitches creating a hem.

Spend 2 hours looking for appropriate coloured buttons and then give up because you only have 1 of each ... arrrrgh.

Pattern works up quickly and fits perfectly.   And the fabric shown on the cover of this envelope goes on sale in 2 weeks.

 Just what I need.  More fabric!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apron and Doll

My daughter called and asked me to make an apron and doll as part of a birthday gift for one of Caitlin's friends.
She wanted me to use this pattern.

I made View A for Caitlin in size 3 and she wanted exactly the same for the birthday gift.  Except it had to be in black and white polka dots or stripes.  And no red at all anywhere.

I had some black with white polka dot fabric in my stash but had to purchase the white with black polka dot fabric.
It's size 3 and works up quickly if you don't make a zillion mistakes as I managed to do.
The photo isn't very good and the background isn't the greatest but it's the best I can do.

She wanted a stick drawing doll too which is basically a pattern drawn like a stick figure and then made in fabric.  It also had to have brown wool hair and attached like it was drawn on.

I hope the pink smile isn't too reddish looking because the child it is going to has a fear of the colour red.
Weird, eh?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another smocked dress

There are several projects waiting to be stitched together but once again I got sidetracked and made a smocked dress instead.
I was able to cut, pleat, smock and assemble this little dress in one day.
Plus I used up some ancient fabric.

The pattern is from Wendy Schoen and I've made it before.  I really liked the cuff on the sleeve but I didn't have enough fabric to make sleeves.

I didn't even have enough fabric to make little caps like these that appeared in Sew Beautiful #81 (2002)

Because there was a huge flaw in the fabric too, I wasn't able to use the full 42" width for each front and back section.  There was only 36" for each section but it worked out well just the same.

Size 3.
I don't like the rick-rack trim on the collar.
Plus, the armhole might be too large.
In my button box, there are 8 cherry shaped buttons which I'd like to use on a cardigan to match this dress.
But I'd have to make the cardigan.
So I'll add that to the to-do list.