Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Report Dress

Well that was quick.
And easy too.
Time will tell if it passes the test though.

When I showed my daughter this Oliver + S  Book Report dress pattern when it first came out, she didn't care for it.
Outwardly I heaved a deep sigh.
Inwardly I knew I was going to make it.

Digging through my stash which incidentally is pretty much all over the sewing room floor these days, I came up with some blue and off white leafy fabric and paired it with blue poly/cotton.
"If she doesn't like this dress at all" I said to myself "at least I didn't use some treasured fabric."

But I like it.
I like how it buttons up at the shoulders and the dress front folds over the yoke back.

I like the fun pockets that are big and deep.  Perfect for little treasures.

I like the pleats on the front and back.

I like that the dress can be colour blocked....or not.  

And I like that it can be worn as a dress or tunic.
I have tunic in mind so just as soon as I can, I'm going to the fabric store to buy some stretch lace fabric to make leggings to wear with this dress.  Similar to the ones below.

I made size 4.

Note to self: fingers crossed she likes it because I want to make more.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fairytale Dress trial run

Since I don't have the luxury of trying garment pieces on Caitlin as a project progresses, I simply make up the whole item using old fabric.
In a way, the trial run is a muslin of sorts.

Because I had a peach invisible zipper in my stash, I selected some peach with white fleck cotton fabric and went to work making Oliver + S Fairytale dress.

I've made many bodice dresses in the past. Maybe 50 of them. Or maybe 100. The point is, I am no stranger to this style of dress.
So you'd think as a veteran I could make it in no time even standing on one foot and with my eyes closed.

Not this time around. This dress took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r ...... and it's just a trail run!

Despite the time element, I have to say I am completely happy with the pattern.
I just love the small collar (in the past my collars have been larger), the tulle underskirt which gives it more fullness, the petal sleeves and the little belt.

But I'm not happy with the footprints in the snow beside the dress. Coywolf. It went through about an hour ago and Lucy let me know.  It must be a big bugger too judging by the depth of the print.

Back to the dress......
For the hem, I machined a tuck instead of handsewing as per instructions.

Nervous because Lucy kept barking and sniffing something in the air, I retreated indoors to get another photo.

The dress is size 4 but is fitting rather snugly on the size 2/3 dress form. My guess is it'll be too tight. No worries. It's just a trial run.

When I do make it again I will use medium weight interfacing for the collar. The lightweight was just too thin and bodiless. (is that a word?)
Also, I think using quilting cotton is going to be difficult to iron after washing. Next time around I plan to use a lightweight, heavy-on-the-poly type of fabric.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Basic Blazer...again

Not to be scuppered by my own poor choice of fabric for this pattern when I made it last week, I went back to the stash, chose a slightly stretchy twill type of fabric as well as Bemberg lining and then made the Basic Blazer again.
The outcome this time around was much better. 

Like before, it was really difficult to get a good photo of the jacket. However it fit perfectly and the
Bemberg lining made it easy to slip the blazer on and off.

For our photo shoot our model agreed to sport some funky leather high tops too.

The only change I made to the pattern was to leave an opening in the back of the lining of the jacket to turn inside out as opposed to leaving the bottom open. During construction I basted most of the back seam of the lining and then removed the basting threads to turn inside out.
Also, I didn't stitch around the outside of the welt pocket as indicated. And instead of having 3 buttons for the front, went with 2. In hindsight I should have made bound buttonholes.

His mom and dad loved the outfit: Basic Blazer Jacket, white t-shirt  O+S Sandbox pants, and brown leather high top sneakers.

Basic Blazer from Blank Slate. Size 2
Off to make more little outfits...........................

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Photo shoot.

Getting kids to co-operate for photos can be most trying. One minute they are hams for the camera and the next, they want to hog the camera.

Here's Adam willingly sporting for the camera his new Sketchbook shirt and Sandbox pants.

His willingness to model is wearing thin but I can see that the pants hems are a little long as are the shirt sleeve cuffs.  Both are size 2 and next time around I'll make the necessary adjustment.

Okay so now he want to hold the camera.

Quickly I slipped on him the Basic Blazer pattern from Blank Slate; Melly Sews........

...but he was not going to co-operate by standing up for the photo.  He wanted to hold the camera, no ifs, ands or buts!

The blazer was easy and quick to make. Foolishly, I used a faux suede that doesn't have much body even with plenty of stabilizer.  It was impossible to iron and doesn't hold the front lapels properly.

Now our model is winding up to full tantrum because I'm not letting him have my camera.  But just look at those back pockets ... too cute, huh?

Here we are in full melt down.  I like the faux suede fabric because it doesn't crease so next time I'll use it for a dress, maybe the School Photo Dress.

Here I am offering my auxiliary camera .... it's a Canon ..... but no, he wants my Nikon.

I'm going to make this blazer again using a more structured fabric. Oh and with bemberg lining too.