Monday, January 31, 2011

Playdate dress pattern.

Apparently, this pattern is out of print, but I found one in a fabric store in Toronto.  I've seen some on-line for sale.  At any rate, I've got a copy and was able to make this little dress.  I think it's just too cute.

A few months ago, my daughter was looking through my stash to select some fabric so I could make a smocked dress for her daughter.  She came across this fabric, but there was barely a meter.  Not enough to make anything smocked.   I'm hoping she'll be surprised when she see's it made up using this sweet little pattern.

Colour seems a little washed out in the bright sunlight.

Playdate Dress. Oliver + S.   I made it up in  size 2T. 

Out of print. Too bad.

On the neck/bib area, the pattern called for flat bias trim.  Being old school, I was ready to make my own corded piping, but opted to try it flat; sans cord.  It was tricky to insert as is the case with bias piping, flat or not.

The pattern also called for a little bit of frill on the bib section.  Instead I went my old school way and put on a few lines of pin tucking ....corded pin tucking at that!  Besides, my daughter doesn't like frilly things, so I'm sure she'll appreciate the pin tucking accent.

I got bogged down somewhat with the pin tucking because on my Berninas, (1630 & 801) there is a hole in the throat plate to run cording for just such an application.  On my new Husquvarna (Quilt Desinger) there is no hole, so I had to improvise. There's no hole on my Husquvarna Iris, either.

My husband thinks a Husqvarna is a chainsaw.
 Technology.  When it changes, it throws me for a loop sometimes.  Just like my new camera.  I still can't seem to get a good angle or correct colour.

Bird's eye view from the suet feeder.
Well, the good news is I used up almost a meter or fabric, 3 buttons and learned something new about my sewing machine.

The bad news is it's the coldest day of the year, -30oC and my fingers froze taking these photos!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jump Rope Dress

I'm still having a love affair with Olver + S patterns.  I wish these patterns were around when my 3 children were little nippers.  Thankfully, I have one grandchild, and a girl at that,  for whom I can make little outfits using these patterns.

Oh, and the good news is there is another one in the oven due in August.  Woot! Two grandbabies to sew for!

Back in the fall, my daughter came with me to a fabric store.  She has never been in a fabric store before and not only did she pick out fabric but she paid for it too.  Milestones were cetainly made that day.  So there's hope that one day she might be able to actually thread a needle!!

She didn't specify any particular pattern but has liked the Oliver + S patterns I've made in the past.  I'm quite sure she'll like this one.

Jump Rope Dress Size 2T

These patterns, as I've said before, are straightforward and easy to follow. For someone who might be new to sewing or have rusty sewing skills each pattern is somewhat of a lesson.  And the best part is they are size accurate.

If I had a dollar for every McCalls, Butterick or Simplicity pattern I've made over the years that just didn't turn out, I'd be rich!  Well, maybe not filthy rich. I  just wouldn't have wasted money on a project that flopped.

The O+S pattern styles are current, interesting and no matter the fabric chosen, they always turn out just great.

Like every project, there is always a hindsight factor.  And that's good because I can note it here and refer to it the next time I make the pattern.

Maybe the placket should be same as main fabric?

So the note to myself is: match the buttonhole thread to either the placket or button colour and measure the buttons using from the stash prior to making the buttonholes!  What was I thinking?  Apparently, I simply wasn't thinking. 

I shouldn't have matched the buttonhole thread with the top stitching thread.

I'm happy with the outcome and can hardly wait to see it on Caitlin.  My daughter never ever reads this blog so it'll be a surprise for her to see the fabric she picked out, made up.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warning: bad photo

This outfit looks a lot better in real life than in this photo.  It's raining outside (and it's now nightfall) so this washed out  photo will have to do.

I used more of my Von Trapp fabric.  The same fabric I used for the School Photo Dress.  And I still have at least 3 meters left!

Because I had to wash it in order for the grandbaby to wear this 100% unknown fiber content outfit, the sizing that made it look smartly pressed has made it's way to our septic bed.  I've tried ironing it, but it just isn't the same as it was pre-washed.  Oh well.

I could spray it with sizing, but that defeats the purpose of washing it for baby's tender skin.

Oliver + S. Sundy Brunch. Size 2

 When I make this pattern again, I will use a more crisp fabric.  Or at least a fabric that looks crisp.  This fabric was just too limp plus it frayed like crazy.  It doesn't iron well either.  Tomorrow is garbage day, so perhaps the remaining 3 meters needs to be retired to the town dump!

Overall, I'll treat this like a muslin test run. The pattern itself was easy and straightforward.  I cut fabric and constructed the whole outfit in about 4 hours. I think the cockeyed hem gives that hasty assembly job away.
Actually, I was watching TV while I was making the skirt and I wasn't paying full attention when it came to the hem.

There are some more Oliver + S patterns I'm itching to try out but my daughter wants a smocked dress made post haste. 

Off to load up the pleater with needles...........

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Everything fits. Phew!!

I drove down to the Big Smoke today with finished outfits in hand.  In my daughters front hall, I tried the clothing on Caitlin ...... over her jammies!

Vintage buttons might be short lived.

My daughter loved the School Photo dress, even my labrador Lucy liked the dress.  Well, maybe she was thinking something cookie-ish might come out of the pocket.

Definitely needs a Pill Box hat and white gloves.

This is the Hop Scotch Top and leggings from McCalls 6153.  Caitlin was growing weary of trying on outfits.

Top size 2. Leggings size 1.

Hop Scotch Dress in size 2 fits perfectly.  I got her to play a game just to get this photo.

Patience is wearing thin.
I am so thrilled with Oliver + S patterns.  They are easy to follow, they are size accurate and no matter the fabric used, they turn out looking great!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

School Photo Dress

I must have been expecting to make a wardrobe for the Von Trapp family because I have meters and meters of this pink and white check fabric.

Son-in-law said he liked it, so I made this School Photo Dress from Oliver + S for Caitlin.  It's size 2.  It didn't use much fabric.  So I still have meters and meters of the fabric left! 

Fabric is synthetic something-or-other from the 80's.

I'm sure I had dresses in a similar style to this when I was in High School back in the late 60's. I found this pattern on Google images.  It looks like what I used to wear in High School and must have been the inspiration for the School Photo Dress.

We weren't allowed to wear pants in High School.

While I was making the dress, which by the way was easy as pie, I was thinking about Jackie Kennedy dresses and buttons that adorned her outfits back in the 60's.  So I dug out these vintage buttons from my stash.  These buttons were on a housecoat I had in the early 60's.

I'm thinking all this outfit needs is a Pill Box hat and white gloves.  Oh, and a sensible purse too!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Hop Scotch Top

Having fun sewing with knits.  Knit fabric isn't as difficult as I always thought. 

I found the front neck to be a little too low on Caitlin so I increased the depth of the pattern piece making the neck not so open and low.   I used size 2.

The leggings are from a McCalls 6152 and used size 1.

It is so cold outside today that while I was taking this photo, I could hear the trees pop. They sound like someone taking an axe to them.  But it's just the sap freezing.