Friday, April 27, 2012

Tea towels.

I've had this embroidery pattern sitting in my to-do-embroidery box for some time. Maybe since the last century.  And since I'm trying to bust stash and there's no time like the present, I stitched this pattern onto some beige linen and then made a Class Picnic blouse.

I got carried away and stitched more birds on the top yoke of the blouse and paired it with denim Puppet Show shorts.

I'm thinking tea towels.  The blouse looks like a repurposed tea towel.

I may unpick the birds on the yoke and perhaps it may look better.

Well, whatever.  There are plenty more embroidery transfers in my to-do-embroidery box so I'll give it another go on another item.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 dresses

I really like the Bubble Dress. I've made slight changes to the pattern in the past adding long sleeves. But since my daughter likes Peter Pan collars, this time around I added just that. I left off the bubble part. Yet true to my usual, I put piping around the capped sleeve, bodice, and of course around the collar too.
My daughter picked out the fabric, it's really summery looking.

I also really like the pattern Maggie Mae by Shwin & Shwin.  The last time I made it, I added piping around the armscye but found it was too bulky.  This time around I left off the piping there but kept it around the neck and between the upper yoke and mid-yoke.  I also added a placket to the back skirt.

April showers plaguing the lighting for these photos.

Shorts and Tops

The top is Class Picnic Blouse. Added a little ric rac on top.  The shorts are Puppet Show and added ric rac on the pocket to match the top.
Size 3T. Oliver + S pattern.

Top and shorts are exactly the same as above.  The fabric on both pieces are a little stretchy which might make the outfit more comfortable when climbing.

My daughter just loves these shorts.  I've got 2 more made but need to pair them up with tops.  Three more need to be cut out.

It was raining like crazy when I took these photos so the lighting wasn't the best.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boat anchor

The "A" card on my Quilt Designer is kaput.  Finding a replacement is highly unlikely according to several Husqvarna/Viking dealers I called.

Meanwhile, I have several big projects that I'm trying to complete in limited time.  It never fails, eh?

Thankfully I hung on to the first sewing machine I bought 30 years ago, a Bernina 801.  I'll dust it off and put it back in action.  But creating buttonholes on that machine is really difficult. And of course, several of the projects require numerous buttonholes. Argh!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I only have this week to complete a Baptism outfit.
My daughter wants white linen overalls with a smocked insert and a white shirt with perhaps some blue stitching here and there.
So I sent her this blue corduroy overall and white cotton shirt to test for size. 
The overalls need to be lengthened as does the waist  and of course a smocked insert will be on the final outfit.

The shirt fits but the collar needs to be closer at the front neck. I'm not happy with the feather stitch. Next one will have just straight double stitching. There will be entre deux on the sleeves just as this one has.

There are few other tweaks needed for this outfit, but this test run has worked out just fine.  I drafted the pattern for the overall myself.

I don't mean to be biased but isn't my grandson just the cutest little baby ever?