Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mouse House

Years ago I saw a sweet little mouse house using an Altoid box. One day when Miss C gets older, I thought, we could make one together.

Well that 'one day' has arrived.

I bought a box of Altoids, and they are indeed curiously strong mints. Powerful might be a better term.

We glued a piece of felt on top and she decorated it with felt flowers.

Next, we cut out a piece of white brushed corduroy for the mouse body, I stitched on the face and limbs, ears and C stuffed and stitched it closed. We also made a tiny pillow and blanket.

There is an excellent tutorial to make a pocket sized mouse house here

I bought 2 boxes of Altoids so perhaps we'll make another little pocket sized house for a tiny bear next.

Friday, February 9, 2018


I saw some fun little Valentines brooches the other day while surfing for hand stitching ideas that I could do with Miss C.

I came across heart shaped felt with scraps of lace, ribbon, buttons and beads. "Perfect" I thought.

So I made one quickly to see if she's like to make some......

...... and she wanted to make 11 for all her bff's.

Then we decided to make some more Valentines gifts for friends that her brother could make as well.

I bought some lollypops from the bulk food store, trimmed away some of the plastic and affixed them to card stock that I cut using my Scan 'n Cut. The kids has already printed their Valentines wish on the other side.
Lastly we added a bit of green in the shape of a leaf.

Since there was a lot crafty items on the dining table when we were done, Miss C wanted to try her hand at she made a bookmark!

Pioneer dress

It's been a long time since I did a blog post and a long time since I actually did some sewing.  My stash sorely needs busting so perhaps this can be a new trend.

Miss C's class was going on a trip to a heritage school and asked me to make her a dress from the late 1800's.

I showed her all the fabric I had that was 3 meters in length ... never mind they weren't fabrics typical of pioneer time.  She made her selection and together we pinned all the pattern pieces.

We used McCall's pattern 7231, size 12. It went together quickly.

She had a fun day at the school and the teacher was a high school friend of her mother. I remember her well and I'm sure she's a wonderful teacher. 

Note to self: size 12 ran large and long.