Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mission accomplished!

The main reason I recently learned how to knit was so that I could make a matching cardigan to go with a dress or other outfit I've made for Caitlin.

It was her birthday recently and her mom asked me to make her a special party dress.
"Make it like the natural waist dresses you've made her in the past" was the request.
She was referring to the Fairy Tale Dress pattern by Oliver and S.

Then she went through my stash and chose some Liberty fabric.

The dress went together quickly which gave me time to knit a matching cardigan. I even made a little fascinator to go with the whole outfit.

However in my haste to sew, knit and glue (the fascinator) I didn't get a photo. Thankfully, her mom got some photos during the party and while they don't show dress nor cardigan details, the outfit fits perfectly and looks good.

The dress is size 6.

The cardigan pattern is called Amy minus the waistline cable stitches.
Not sure why the collar is flipped up on the dress in this photo as it's sitting flat in others.

The theme of this birthday party was "Magic".
Here's the birthday girl acting as an assistant to the Magician. Note how the collar is sitting flat.
I was afraid the hem might be too short but it appears it's the perfect length.

Note to self: turned up less than 2" and hemmed with coverstitch machine.

Here's a shot of her blowing out the birthday candle. Little brother is looking on in the background.

Mission accomplished.
I knit a cardigan to match a sewn outfit.

The bonus was some of the Liberty fabric in my stash got used up plus a few little scraps of ribbon, tulle and beads to make a fascinator.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Newborn knitting

I quickly whipped out 4 new little newborn patterns for my son-in-law's sister. She had her first baby over a month ago but unfortunately the baby is still in the hospital as she needed many surgeries. She's on the mend and perhaps in a few weeks she may get to go home.

First up is a pattern called Wee Speedy by Taiga Hilliard Designs. It's a free download on Ravelry. and it's top down/seamless.

I used a bulky yarn, Lion Brand Homespun and the colour is Parfait.
It took one evening to crank this out and I'll be making this pattern again for sure.

Next is a pattern called Little Avery and it's also by Taiga Hilliard Designs and once again a free download and also top down/seamless.

The yarn is called Tent Sale that I got at a Tent Sale in town. What are the odds of that? LOL!!

I got bogged down with the increase instructions so I e-mailed the designer to sort me out. She replied right away and I was able to finish the cardigan the same day.

Still in love with Taiga Hilliard Designs, this pattern is called Quick Oats. It's free, top down and seamless….the only way to knit for me. Yarn used was Vanna's Choice solid.

The fourth one is called Baby Vest Garter Ridges.  I've made it before but this time around I omitted the ridges to see how it would turn out.
The yarn used is Caron Simply Soft Eco, colour Peachey.
It's top down, seamless and free.

The other night I was watching Call the Midwife on tv (season4/episode1) and the common thread of the episode was about new beginnings that were difficult to launch. In one of the stories, a woman had just given birth but the baby was whisked away quickly because it was premature so the mother didn't get to see or hold her baby for days.
The same sort of scenario has occurred to my son-in-laws sister, except for her it's been over a month of waiting at the hospital.
At the end of each episode, a narrator who is supposed to be the person these memoirs are based on, reads a summation.
For this episode it was ….

"It sometimes happens that new beginnings come not at once, but at last.
The wait is rewarded and the fresh start can commence."

Those words seemed so comforting that I added them in my note along with the little cardigans.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Knit Vest

Using the pattern #256Basic Vest for Children by Diane Soucy I whipped up this little vest for Mr. A.

It's size 4 using Patons Classic Worsted colour: Jade Heather.
He can wear it with blue jeans or khaki pants with either a dress shirt or a t-shirt underneath the vest.

It took me three evenings while sitting in front of the tv to make it as it's a really quick knit.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Miss Daisy

A friend in Australia asked me to knit this sweet little cardigan for her baby.  The pattern is called Miss Daisy and it was a delight to knit.
It's a top down seamless pattern, well designed, well written and I am pleased with the outcome.

The yarn was from my stash that I bought last summer during a sale. It's really soft and washes beautifully. While the gauge on the pattern and yarn called for 5mm needles, I found 4mm gave me the correct gauge for the pattern.

The cardigan is size 12 months.

I really like the back details.

I stumbled here and there with the pattern but once I thought the steps through, it all came together. I find reading a pattern is the most difficult part of knitting. Words like "knit wise" don't appear in Webster's! Patterns written by a U.K. designer often differ from those written by a Canadian or U.S. designer and one has to become knitting bi-lungual.

It's been one year since I learned how to knit. Well,  learned how to knit more than creating a cock-eyed garter stitch scarf, and now feel much more confident with each project. Socks are next.

Godspeed little cardigan on your journey Down Under. I can't wait to see it modelled!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cable knit purse

I saw a cable knit purse in a store the other day selling at $45.00.
I thought to myself that I could easily make a similar purse for much less … so I did.

The pattern called 'Instant Gratification'  is free from Ravelry.

The bulky yarn was on sale and bagged as 'unknown fibres' but since it's a purse, who cares what the content is.

Making the lining was a bit tricky as I've never lined a knit purse before. Actually, I've never made a knit purse before.
There are little pockets on the lining for a cell phone, keys, pens and so on. However the lining isn't sitting flat against the outer knit section.
I'm going back to the store and see if the lining in the $45.00 purse sits flat and if so, see how it was constructed.

I'm pleased with the outcome and the pattern was quick to knit. Instant gratification is certainly a perfect name for this pattern.

I'm going to ask around to see who likes this purse and they can have it.