Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is a Children's Corner pattern that's been sitting in my to-do box for some time.
Inspired by this talented lady (go here) I just had to make it.

It took no time at all to make. As a matter of fact, I dilly dallied all day long surfing the internet that when I realized it was late afternoon, I scurried back to my sewing room and assembled it before dinner.
What took the most time was cutting bias strips and making piping.  Oh, and deciding whether to have off-white or blue piping.

(I supposed I could have done a better job of centering the dress on Dumella, but the light was disappearing fast.)
I think the key to getting this dress right is to press the pleats from the beginning and basting them in place while assembling the dress.

For the lining I used batiste. The main fabric is a poly/cotton twill from Fabricland that looks sort of Fabric Finders-ish, but not the same quality.  No matter.  I'm happy with the outcome.

Size 3.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More summer outfits

The top is the Oliver + S pattern Swingset which I found rather difficult to follow.  Confusing actually.
I have since found several tutorials: here and here which I will use next time.
Size 3.
The shorts are from the pattern Puppet Show and are easy to make.

Using the Oliver + S pattern Sailboat pants and top. I made the top in size 3 from cotton. The sleeves were too long and I had to shorten them by 1/2 inch.

The pants are in linen, size 3 and they haven't been tried on yet.

While I was trying to get a good photo and obviously didn't succeed, a very hungry mom Chipmunk hung around.
I usually have a pocket full of peanuts so I tossed her some.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brains in the mailbox

I've learned once again that the grass isn't always greener elsewhere. I should have stayed true to Bernina.
Thankfully a reader, Anne Lo from Denmark, suggest contacting a Husqvarna dealer in Europe to find the utility stitch card, essentially the main brains, for my sewing machine.
I found an on-line sewing business in England who most likely has the last few remaining stitch cards in the world, for my machine.
As coincidence would have it, my Grandparents and my Auntie and Uncle lived near Bournemouth, England where this sewing business is located.  I spent one summer there when I was young and while I was happy to get my stitch card, thinking about Bournemouth brought back a flood of happy memories. 
How I fondly remember eating Ice Lollies (popsicles) and spending day after day by the seaside with them.  Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.
But I digress. 

The stitch card came in the mail yesterday and life is back to normal.
Thank you Anne Lo and Sewing Machines On-line.

Using my backup sewing machine in the meantime, I was able to finish the Baptism outfit for Adam.  It's difficult to make something for him because he's not handy to try things on.  In addition, he has enormous thighs, a beer belly and a plumbers crack. Chunky baby! 
I made and unpicked these overalls several times. 

On the sleeves of the shirt I used some entredeux.  For the collar and around the bib edge I used a size 18 needle as the wing needle was gouging too large a hole,  and a Turkish style stitch.

Because he is teething and drooling as babies do, mom wanted a bib to match the outfit. 
On my Husqvarna Iris embroidery machine I have Martha Pullens' Heirloom card and found this crucifix.
(I'm waiting for that machine to poop out on me next.  A new boat anchor!)

This photo is out of focus, sorry, but these are just the sweetest little bunny buttons ever. 
The thread in the stitching is silk and it's absolutely beautiful to see in real life.

The outfit looks much better on Adam than hanging on a hanger off a tree limb.  Mom is happy with the outcome and that's all that matters to me.

Meanwhile, his sister Caitlin called "Grandma, can you make me a Cinderella dress?"
Using Simplicity 2563 I was able to whip this up today.  I used a satin type of fabric that is just horrid to work with especially when inserting the zipper.

For fun, I called around to find out what a new Bernina is worth and maybe with embroidery capabilities because I know the day is coming soon when the machines I have will have to be replaced.
The price I was quoted was around $11,000. 
I nearly fainted.
If I had that kind of money to spare I would rather have a Dippy.   Now that's practical!