Sunday, June 6, 2010

Warm up.

I haven't stitched a single thing for almost a month and it shows! I cut out some cute pink coordinating seersucker fabric to make this McCalls 5610 sun suit for grandbaby.

According to her measurements and the sizes on the envelop, she needed a size medium. So I cut the fabric and stitched merrily away.

As good luck would have it, my daughter, her husband and Caitlin, the aforementioned grandbaby, came up to my cabin in the woods to visit for a whole week. I was blessed.

But as bad luck would have it, I tried on the size medium sun suit and it wouldn't even go over her head. The problem was the back opening. It just wasn't deep enough despite following the pattern. Had I been sewing on a more constant basis, I might have clued in that the opening was too shallow. Maybe not. Being in a fog seems to be de rigueur lately!

So I salvaged what I could and shirred the remaining fabric for a sundress. While I much prefer smocking, daughter #1 likes the shirred effect.

Oh, and that started a new battle with my sewing machine. In particular, with the bobbin. Having recently switched from Berninas to Husqvarnas, I haven't quite got the hang of putting a thicker thread into the bobbin-holding-area or whatever it's called, with the right tension.

Mostly, I had trouble hand winding the elastic thread onto the bobbin, again, using the right amount of tension. But with many, many attempts plus a whole lot of swearing (I live in the woods therefore no one can hear me) I got all the tension issues sorted out.

I made up the hat too but it is far too large. It will fit my daughters head! Sheesh.

Warm up. I'm treating this sewing fiasco as merely a warm up. Tomorrow, to quote Scarlett, is another day.

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