Thursday, December 13, 2012


I really like the Children's Corner pattern Adelaide.  I've made it several times before with good results.
However my model would only pose if she could make silly faces.

The collar and cuff is black velvet and trimmed with black lace.  It looks a little Goth to me paired with the dark purple and black check in the fabric.

The fabric is a poly blend so it doesn't hold the knife pleats all that well. It's also got a bad case of static cling as can be seen at the armscye.

I found these interesting buttons in my stash.

This is size 4.

Notes to self:
  1. for front pleats don't bother basting, just stitch 2.0
  2. slip a little stabilizer in the buttonhole section of the placket.
  3. make a hem facing
  4. if using larger buttons than 12mm, make an extension on the button section reinforcing with stabilizer
  5. refer to this video for the back inverted placket from Children's Corner.
  6. only use fabric that will hold knife pleats sharply


  1. It's a darling dress and I really like the buttons! She just wanted to show off her pretty bracelet.;) BK always has her own ideas of how to pose for pictures...and won't stay still unless she can utilize them.

  2. I do like this pattern.
    I have not venture into the Children's Corner world but I am now sorely tempted.

  3. Shamefully, we've only used the sleeves of this pattern! You've inspired us once again.... Oh, and your 'notes to self' are extremely helpful to others :)!

  4. Lovely!
    I have this pattern in my to-sew list for so long and have yet to try it! (mostly because I just can't find the "right" pattern for it...)
    Yours is so beautiful and I do love the lace collar :)

  5. This really is a beautiful little dress...and oh, do i have some silly faces that Lorelei has made. She is in that stage too.