Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Burda 9727

Some time ago, a sewing friend Nicole who lives in Australia, sent me this pattern. She knew I was looking for a child's dress coat.... a frock coat as she calls it ... and thought that this pattern might be one  of interest.

Before I discuss the pattern, I want to point out that when it arrived I noticed the pattern front and back were plasticized!

Now, I knew Nicole was a perfectionist particularly when it comes to sewing and especially finishing a sewing project but plasticizing a pattern is, well, it's just plain over the top.
I would be completely mortified if she ever saw my sewing pattern stash. Needless to say, Nicole has shamed me into tidying up my sewing stash.

Onto the pattern........

I used some discounted plum coloured cashmere ($5.00/meter) and lined it with grey kasha lining. It was a test run.

The pattern was straightforward as per usual Burda patterns. I made size 5 and fit's perfectly.

However, if I put in a thicker lining like maybe something quilted, the coat would be too small.

The pattern called for contrasting pocket flaps and collar but since this was a test run, I just used the same fabric.  Oh, and I squared off the pocket flaps... just because.

The back has a sweet little belt tab and that too should have been in a contrast fabric.

Moving on to the lining, I found the Kasha worked out just fine.  However I really got stuck on how the lining went together at the hem.

So I put it together the way I thought it should go but it didn't look like Tidy Heidi was a work, as Nicole might suggest.

Miss C. likes the coat and looks like a perfect little lady.

We just need to work on "don't wipe your nose on the sleeve" part.

Thank you Nicole for sending me this pattern. It worked out perfectly!


  1. Oh bother my comment got lost in posting.
    In short. brilliant Deb. Cashemre, seriously?! Love the all-in-one colour. must feel great to wipe one's nose on.

  2. I love this Deb, it is so smart. The pattern I was thinking of on Flickr was Burda 9501. I have got my eye on it. It is very similar and I only wish Burda Kids patterns wouldn't top out at a 6. My daughter is too big! I adore that back tab detail, it is so pretty.

  3. Very pretty! I like the all-one-color, too!

  4. I am with Shelley, I can't think of anything nicer to wipe your nose on!
    I think it is fab all-in-one colour, what a colour.

    *Maybe I got a home laminator when I was heavily pregnant with someone or other*

  5. Such a sweet coat! The fit looks perfect.:)

    On a totally unrelated subject....would you like the navy blue dress with the scallops at the bodice and hem and the daisy accent buttons for your granddaughter? BK wore it to church last Sunday and the hem was a little too short for me on her.;) I'd be happy to mail it to you after the holidays if you're interested. Let me know! -C

  6. Oh, I love it....she looks pleased, too.