Friday, December 13, 2013

Art Museum Trousers and Vest

One good thing about being snowed-in is, one can get quite a bit of sewing done.  Providing the power stays on of course.  Here's is part of this week's sewing projects......

About a month or so ago, I took advantage of a 20% off Oliver + S pattern offer that appeared on an Aurora Borealis forecasting website (strange but true) and ordered the 3 new ones that will complete my collection once again.
About two weeks later, they went on sale for 50% off. Doh!
Sadly, the order managed to get lost in the mail. It's the first time that sort of thing has ever happened to me but hey, I suppose living in the middle of nowhere it was bound to occur.

I notified Oliver + S that the order was taking an unusually long time to arrive so their excellent customer service that is truly second to none, kicked in. Not only are they sending out a new order but since I was anxious to make the Art Museum vest and trousers before Christmas for Mr. A., they sent a pdf of the pattern.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I had grey wool washed (yes, I washed AND dried it in the machine because I know that's what my daughter will do when the outfit gets soiled) ironed and ready to go. I cut it out between snow blowing and shoveling (we got at least 100cm of snow this week) and made the Art Museum Vest and Trousers.   Yay! Done in time for Mr. A's many Christmas parties.

One good thing about having so much snow right outside the door, one doesn't need a white sheet for a background.

I made size 18-24 months and after reading comments made on Flickr added a little length in the vest because Mr. A is exceptionally tall for his age.

As with all O+S patterns, the instructions are clear and straightforward. I've made welt pockets before but quite liked the easy details provided in this pattern and my pockets turned out perfectly.

For the back, I used red and navy striped grey cotton fabric. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking/hoping I might be able to whip out a navy wool blazer to go with the pants and vest. There is enough fabric left over to use for the lining of a blazer.
Oliver + S don't have a blazer pattern....yet. I wish they had one!

The pants couldn't have been easier to make and the results so professional looking.

The pattern called for welt pockets on the pants back too.  Again, the construction due to the easy and detailed instructions went together perfectly.
Oh, and the pant legs are the same length in real life. My fingers were starting to freeze and didn't want to spend an more time outdoors fussing with a photo.

Once the roads are safe to drive I'll be making a trek down to the Big Smoke so Mr. A. can try on his new spiffy outfit and get a photo of him wearing it.   Meanwhile, I need to shake the snow off these clothes!

Again, I cannot say enough good things about Oliver + S patterns. They make sewing such a pleasure.  In my opinion, they are the best children's patterns in the world.  And their customer service is par excellence.

Merry Christmas Todd, Liesl, S and all the staff at Oliver + S!


  1. The snowy landscape is so beautiful!

    Love the Art Vest and Trousers...they are very sharp looking.

  2. Completely adorable.
    It makes me long for a wee little boy.

  3. I can't wait to see this modelled. It is so smart!
    I am loving all your wintery photos, it almost makes me wish for snow here too.

  4. Deb,, these are just perfection. Looking forward to the modelled pics too. And as for your backdrop - !

    (I missed the 50% off too - procrastinated too long, and then missed out by about 1 hour!)

  5. They make me wish I had a little boy to sew for...but the way I have been hardly accomplishing anything lately...I don't know why the thought even crosses my mind.

  6. They look fabulous! Great job on those welts. I am still scared after the Burda jacket I made up for my girl with welts. I wish I had plenty more time for Oliver and S patterns. Enjoy the snow.

  7. These look amazing!
    I love the way the trousers look and I'm pretty sure once I tried it, I will be making quite a few for my younger boy (His been requesting these for quite a while).
    And I totally agree with you - Oliver+S patterns are the best for children wear - I get flawless results every time. No trial run.