Friday, March 14, 2014

More knitting

I'm on a roll.
Now that I figured out how to cast on, cast off, knit, purl and read a simple pattern, I'm quickly becoming addicted to knitting.

In a knitting shop recently, I spotted this pattern: 4402 by Hayfield with cable stitches up the front.
The whole pattern looked fairly easy with the exception of the cable stitches: C4B and C4F.

So I looked on You Tube for C4B and C4F and found this demo here.
It was easy!

Using yarn by Hayfield called Bonus Chunky I made a cable knit sweater in size 2/3 for Mr. A.

I had a difficult time with the neckband and the seams are awful.  I definitely need a lesson on seams and bands. Toss in a lesson on blocking too.

But hey, I did it and it looks not too bad at all.

Here's a closeup of my knit stitches and the cable. It's not perfect but for a second attempt at knitting something other than a scraggly scarf I'm happy with the results.

….. off to knit something else……….


  1. Wow Deb, it's awesome! Great job, I've never attempted cable.

  2. Now that's an adorable sweater! Good for you! I've always loved cables; think it was my main reason to teach myself to knit.

  3. well done on tackling cables!! You are on a roll!

  4. look at you. Learning to knit from YouTube! Brilliant!!

  5. This is so so good Deb. I have never tried cables on a garment (only practicing on a swatch). If ever I get stuck on something I consult the knitwitch on youtube. She is very good at demos.

  6. I love the yarn you chose! And love the are making me wish that I knitted but I really do not need another hobby!

  7. Your cables are great. Can't wait to see what you tackle next!!