Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mission accomplished!

The main reason I recently learned how to knit was so that I could make a matching cardigan to go with a dress or other outfit I've made for Caitlin.

It was her birthday recently and her mom asked me to make her a special party dress.
"Make it like the natural waist dresses you've made her in the past" was the request.
She was referring to the Fairy Tale Dress pattern by Oliver and S.

Then she went through my stash and chose some Liberty fabric.

The dress went together quickly which gave me time to knit a matching cardigan. I even made a little fascinator to go with the whole outfit.

However in my haste to sew, knit and glue (the fascinator) I didn't get a photo. Thankfully, her mom got some photos during the party and while they don't show dress nor cardigan details, the outfit fits perfectly and looks good.

The dress is size 6.

The cardigan pattern is called Amy minus the waistline cable stitches.
Not sure why the collar is flipped up on the dress in this photo as it's sitting flat in others.

The theme of this birthday party was "Magic".
Here's the birthday girl acting as an assistant to the Magician. Note how the collar is sitting flat.
I was afraid the hem might be too short but it appears it's the perfect length.

Note to self: turned up less than 2" and hemmed with coverstitch machine.

Here's a shot of her blowing out the birthday candle. Little brother is looking on in the background.

Mission accomplished.
I knit a cardigan to match a sewn outfit.

The bonus was some of the Liberty fabric in my stash got used up plus a few little scraps of ribbon, tulle and beads to make a fascinator.


  1. Perfect, the piping, fabric, carry, everything.
    Just perfect.

  2. Oh how lovely. You are so creative.
    It reminds me so much of my youth when I made things like this first for my sister and later for my kids and nieces too. Those were fun times.

  3. Congrats! Such a beautiful outfit for an adorable little girl. You must be so pleased!

  4. You did a beautiful job on this and it looks like a wonderful celebration!

  5. That is so pretty...and oh the look coming out of her eyes in that last photo...there is just something about it/her that I love. I bet she and Lorelei would have a ball. They are growing up too quickly for me.

  6. She's precious! I love the dress, cardigan, and the fascinator. It all makes a wonderful outfit!

  7. THis is all very, very beautiful. And you made the lot! Well done Deb. She looks really lovely and very happy.

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