Monday, May 10, 2010

Iva Leigh et al.

I have 2 meters of this fabric in my stash and it's been calling to me for the past couple of days.

This pattern has been calling to me as well. It's Iva Leigh by Bonnie Blue.

So I used up some of the fabric making the pattern in 12 month size.

I piped the collar in a contrast blue to match the background of the main fabric. Then piped the yoke using contrast fabric from the collar. Therefore, there are two colours of piping. I think it looks okay but not 100% sure. The pattern was easy and quick to make.

However, there was quite a bit of fabric left over.

So I made this little bonnet. The pattern is Melissa, from Petite Poche using size 2. I piped the back opening using the colour from the collar on the dress. I just love this bonnet pattern.

But there was still lots of this vintage inspired, cats with hoola hoops fabric leftover.

I got an idea to make a little cat wearing a matching dress using this pattern. I have had this pattern in my stash for years and years. "One day I'll make it" I would say to myself each time I came across it. Well, today was the day of reckoning!

I used a soft brushed corduroy for the body of the cat and instead of using beads for the eyes, simply made french knots using black yarn. The tail is striped with corduroy and pink velour.

The instructions suggest to make a pleat in the front of the dress, but I smocked it instead. Since I had already made the dress, lining and all when the smocking brainwave hit me, I found some 'Knotts Dots' ironed them on, pleated by hand (how barbaric) and using pale blue perlé cotton, stitched a few rows on to the front. It's difficult to see from my photo.

Oh, and I love the Dudley Dooright chin on the cat!

Here's the ensemble; dress, bonnet and Cat.

As for the cat fabric, there's still about .4 of a meter left. (Sigh.)


  1. Is the bonnet pattern from the Melissa dress & bonnetpatern from Petite Poche insted of Michelle? Love it and can't find Michelle, on Wendy's new Petite Poche site.


  2. The bonnet pattern is Melissa, sorry for the confusion.