Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rapunzel Dress

So here's the outcome of the Rapunzel Dress I made for Caitlin.
Standing in front of a full length mirror, Caitlin examines her image.

This looks good on me.

Then she checked for twirlability.

Twirls okay.

She liked the matching tiara too.  The dress was hit with Caitlin.  And mom likes it too because she can wear it over her regular clothes and pop it off when she eats dinner or goes out in the backyard to play. Apparently, she has been wearing the dress on a daily basis.

Just love my new dress!

I was down to visit the other day and stayed long enough for a spaghetti dinner.  Caitlin told me that she loves spaghetti.  I said, "then why don't you marry it?"
She said "okay", so now I will make a bride dress for her, just like Princess Kate's dress which is what she wants.
Great! Now I can use up all the leftover peau de soie, dupioni and lace I have from various bridesmaids projects.

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  1. You didn't mention that you've already had to repair, wash and iron it again due to 2-yr old wear-and-tear... 1 week in!!

    She sure loves it :) Thanks Grandma!!