Monday, September 5, 2011

Sewing again.

I had a request for a Rapunzel outfit from 2 year old Caitlin.  In my stash I found mauvey pink dupioni silk, leftover from a Grade 8 graduation dress I made back in the mid-90's.  Then after a quick trip to Fabricland, I found some mauvey pink cuddle satin, sparkly mauvey pink something-or-other fabric and pink ribbon along with some pink rat-tail cording.

Using Collars Etc. pattern Bodice Dress, I whipped this outfit up in just a few hours.  The left sleeve looks puckered, but it's not. I overlooked fixing it before I took the shot.  Oh well.  And now that I look at the photo again, the hem looks puckered too. 

Based on the dress from Tangled.

On the sleeve, I stitched rows of pink ribbon on the dupioni sleeve portion and inserted both the dupioni and sparkly fabric at the same time.  There isn't any elastic in the dupioni cuff because Caitlin might be wearing a long sleeved t-shirt under the dress when the weather get colder.

For the bodice front, I cut one from cuddle satin and one from dupioni.  Cutting the dupioni portion in half, folding in the edges, I stitched on loops of pink ribbon so the rat-tail cord could be woven through and then basted it to the front cuddle satin piece.

The front skirt is layers of cuddle satin, the sparkly fabric and side front panels and back of dupioni with mauve lace joining the skirt and bodice.  The skirt is long because Caitlin will most likely wear pants under the dress on cold days.

Lastly, I stitched mauve lace along the bottom of the dupioni skirt sections.

As good luck would have it, I found a purple crown although it looks blue in the photo.

So now Caitlin has a fun little dress-up outfit to wear when she's in a Princess mood!

This is first sewing I've done since the ice went out last April.  Now that autumn is in the air and gardening season is just about done,  I'll be reacquainting myself with my machine.  There are lots of projects I have in mind .... right after the falling leaves get raked.


  1. Wow! How clever and beautiful . . . a little girl's dream!

  2. Caitlin is a lucky little princess!

  3. What an adorable dress! Beautiful work! Glad to see you back again and looking forward to your future creations. It's so inspiring. I need to do the same thing and cut down the supplies.