Friday, November 9, 2012

Birthday Party dress

Another outfit from the hamper of 'cut-and-ready-to-sew-outfits' is finished.

This one is Oliver + S Birthday Party dress.  The fabric is black stretchy denim.  The bow is light blue grosgrain but once again, my camera just can't capture the range between black and light blue.

The facings are light blue cotton matching the bow.

Because the main fashion fabric is rather thick, I didn't include and fold the front facing into the pleats as per the instructions. Instead, I completely assembled the front pleated panel (page 3 col. 3) and then cut out about 5"(12cm) from the front facing piece (page 2 col.3) so it is on the outside of the pleated piece on the inside.

The hem facing is also blue and it follows the folds of the pleats as per the instructions.

No matter how much I ironed the pleated section, the fabric just doesn't want to hold pressed folds or pleats.

I was losing light, so I couldn't get a photo of the back buttons which are also blue.

I bought Caitlin some sparkly black ballet style shoes to wear with this dress.

Dress is size 3.

I love this pattern.  For fall and winter all this needs is a long sleeved T-shirt or blouse underneath.  In the summer, it makes for a perfect sundress.


  1. I am about to bite the bullet and buy one of their patterns...this is beautiful. Oh, and the light blue shows on my computer...just fine. This is so nice.

    I took pictures of my little quilt I just finished, and on my computer the pictures are dark, but looked on Rogers at the ones I posted and they are fine.

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