Thursday, November 8, 2012

Puppet Show dress

I'm slowly making headway sewing the fall outfits I cut out way back in late August.

The latest one finished is Oliver + S Puppet Show dress.

I really like this dress but my daughter isn't too keen on it.  However she did ask for long sleeve dresses for fall and winter so hopefully, she'll like this dress because of the sleeves.

The fabric is 100% unknown fibers and it washed really well too.  The collar, cuff and piping is black velvet.

I added length to the sleeves pattern piece to get a full length long sleeve.

For the cuff, I made the band long so it overlapped instead of a gap as per the pattern.

There are lots of buttons for the back and thankfully, I have a load of black buttons in my stash. Unfortunately, the dress is sticking to the mannequin so the back looks puckered and the collar tugged out of shape. 

The dress is size 3. Fingers crossed my daughter likes it.  Lucy does!


  1. Love the dress - your dog is just beautiful (or handsome!)

  2. I adore the long sleeves on this Puppet Show dress! I'm going to have to "compliment" it.;)

  3. Love the houndstooth! And the long sleeves are perfect for a colder climate.