Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter Dress Coat

Once again I find myself making Burda 9727 to make a special occasion dress coat.

My friend Nicole whom I often think of as my 'shot-gun' daughter (because she was born right after I got married,  tee-hee) sent me this pattern because she thought it would come in useful. It certainly has. Thanks Nicole.

I used it to make Miss C a size 5 winter coat back in November 2013. She's still wearing it although it's really tight. Time for new one.

In my stash I have off-white textured wool and lots of Kasha lining,  Kasha is a heavy flannel backed lining, a staple in Canadian coats.

It took little time to cut and stitch together this coat in size 7 thanks to the princess seams.  In hindsight, I should have made the last size available in this pattern - size 8.
No matter.
There's still some growing room.

Besides, I do enjoy making this coat and will make it again next year.

Miss C also asked if I could make a hand muff in faux fur. Once again, I searched through my stash and came up with purple fur. Perfect for a 6 year old.

And I couldn't resist making a matching Fascinator.
I covered a hairband with fur and hot glued on a lace doily that looked like a snowflake, added some tulle and bling then voilĂ ... Fascinator!

I like the lines and the little belt on the back of this coat.

Oh, and I bagged the lining so there was little handwork to do.

She's thrilled with the outcome of the coat and so am I.
It's a good pattern, easy to follow and with excellent results.

As for making the hand muff, I simply cut out three rectangles; one in faux fur, one of Kasha lining, and one of quilt batting; placed the batting on the bottom, then fur and lining with r/s together and stitched along the long edge. Then turned it all inside out, slipped in a length of ribbon for the neck strap and carefully stitched the opening closed. Easy.

Now she's all set for any special occasion where she needs to wear a dress coat.


  1. Deb, it is gorgeous.
    I am a grateful student of your bagged lining tutorial (you should make it a sticky in your side bar) it saves so much time and handles laundering much better then my (woeful) hand sewing.
    Miss C is so grown up!
    She looks divine and I had a muff (white rabbit fur with white satin lining) at her age and loved it so much.

    I am really happy the pattern is getting a good work out.

    xxx (your shotgun daughter) Nicole

  2. (And I see you DO have a sticky to the School Days sew-a-long, do-uh)

  3. It is such a gorgeous coat! And I'm glad to learn what kasha lining is - I read a blog post elsewhere a couple days ago that referenced it, but the link the blog provided was broken. It sounds cozy.

  4. This is a gorgeous special occasion coat Deb - and agree with Nicole - she is growing into a lovely young lady

  5. It's good to see you blogging and sewing again! The coat is divine!

  6. Oh, Deb, you done good! It is really beautiful...and is just perfect for Miss C.

  7. Gorgeous coat, Deb!! I love the purple fur accessories too.:) Miss C has grown so much!

  8. She looks like a little princess! Gorgeous coat Deb, I have missed hearing from you.