Friday, November 4, 2016

Music Box Jumper

I'm having trouble finding time to sew. Last week, I caught a window and made this Oliver +  S pattern called Music Box Jumper.

Miss C chose the fabric from my vast stash that doesn't seem to be growing less. More sewing time would help.

Anyway, the little scamp grew 2 sizes in the past month so this pattern is size 8 for the bodice and 10 for the skirt. It's a little long but that's what she wanted ... so that what she gets.

I got the idea for this jumper from here.......

I lowered the neckline on the pattern to look like the neckline on the photo above and added the little side flaps (epaulettes?) too.

Lighting is really poor today and it's difficult to see the check pattern and colour of the fabric.
Maybe this photo is lighter?

At any rate, she loves the dress and plans to wear on Sunday.

Funny thing, I asked her to put on stockings for this photo and while she was reluctant to change from her school clothes she agreed but wouldn't take off her socks. They're underneath her stockings!
But I didn't complain, as I was happy to get a photo.
During our photo shoot, I asked her to look "pensive". Don't you think that's a good interpretation of "pensive" especially since she didn't know what I was talking about?


  1. Perfect interpretation! Such a cute girl and I love the jumper...LOL at the sock under the tights/hose.

  2. Oh, she is lovely!
    Gorgeous pinny, I am totally complementing this one.

  3. Lovely! And yes, she certainly looks pensive. Which is great 'cause you could have easily got "baffled" or "confused" instead.