Monday, December 19, 2016

Fairy Tale dress

The O+S Fairy Tale dress seems to be my go-to dress.
This time around I had to make some adjustments: chest, sleeves and length size 8 but waist and hip size 10.  During the summer I could make her a size 6 dress using less than a 1/2" seam allowance and basically cheat to a size 7.

She's grown at least 2 sizes since the summer. Her mom said she's eating ravenously and once produced just a stem from an apple.....she ate the whole thing, core and all. I'd say that's hungry, and no wonder she's grown so quickly.

In my stash I had 2 meters of a beautiful William Morris print and it was enough to do the whole dress and bodice lining but not so the skirt lining.

I had a chance to fit the bodice on her before completing the sleeves and skirt, and it fit. Phew!

I also had in mind to knit a sweater. Cold days are upon us and an elbow length dress made from cotton isn't exactly the warmest.
So I bought some yarn and knit the pattern 'Amy' from Sezza Knits.
However, after I washed it and set it out to block, I noticed a hole in the sleeve.

So I unpicked the whole thing and re-knit it again.

The dress needs grey stockings and light brown boots I think.

Just got the grey tights and brown boots plus she modelled the dress and it fits perfectly.

Anyway, it's done and now she another dress to wear for special occasions.


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous. As a fellow apple lover, I appreciate only leaving the stem

  2. You absolute hero! You re-knit it! I would have been crushed but you persevered and it matches the dress beautifully.

  3. Such a beautiful outfit! I love it...

  4. Looks great! Love that you made a cardigan to match
    Happy holidays from Ottawa!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous :)
    Love the entire outfit - the cardigan is a perfect match!