Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sewing 2016

I was completely surprised at all the sewing and knitting projects I managed to do over the course of 2016 when I made this photo mosaic.........

There were a few other things that weren't included like making sheers for the bathroom..... a couple of other knitting and sewing items I just didn't photo document.

Two of my trusty sewing machines packed it in last year; my serger, a Bernette that had to be 20+ years old and my main sewing machine, a Husqvarna Quilt Designer that was 12+ years old.
Temporarily, I used my Husqvarna Iris, again an old machine with limited capabilities but as good luck would have it, my husband convinced me to get 2 new machines.

I took him with the sewing machine store with me because he does not recognize the value of a dollar and he loves anything techy.

When he saw the Babylock Enlighten serger (which happened to be the most expensive in the store) and the air threading technology, (which I totally did not need) he insisted I get it.
Who am I to argue?

Then I turned to the Husqvarna Q Opal 690Q for my main machine. I figured I could use the feet from my previous machine and plus the 690Q had features that I liked in the Quilt Designer.
So I got it too.

Things are looking kind of messy and chaotic on my sewing table but that's how I seem to operate. FYI, my house is perfectly tidy. Everything in it's place and not a dust bunny nor an Irish curtain to be found. It's not the same case for my sewing space.

Once I clear off my cutting table and finish some mending projects I plan to be back to some serious sewing once again.

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  1. I love seeing your sewing space...I wish i could say the same about my house. I am not a neat person. But I sure enjoy it when I get it tidied up. It just never lasts.

    You sure have done a lot of sewing...

    Oh, and congratulations on the new machines!