Sunday, June 4, 2017

First Communion dress

Caitlin asked for a white dress to wear for her first Communion. That prompted me to think about the dress I wore for my first Communion and the photo of the one my mother wore.

What struck me was the veil we had to wear. I wasn't a fan of it when I had to wear it, the term 'dorky' came to mind and my mother's made her look like a nurse. Beautiful lace though.

So whatever dress I ended up making, I thought, wouldn't include a veil.  I made a hairband fascinator instead.

She asked me to make her a dress that was exactly like her Easter dress which was the Fairy Tale dress. I think I could sew it in my sleep now since I've now made 9 using that pattern.

The fabric I used from my stash was white surface embroidered cotton. Easy to sew with and easy to wash and iron.

At the last minute, we decided the  dress needed a little something else to make it extra special so I hastily, repeat .... hastily,  glued together some tulle and silk ribbon flowers I made plus tossed in some pearls and ribbon for more bling. On the back I stitched a safety pin hoping it would hold.

I found white gloves and she was now one happy camper with her outfit. However she didn't want to wear anything in her hair. Totally fine with me having felt the same way years ago.

It was a lovely service at church, Pentecost Sunday,  and everyone in the congregation wore red to symbolize joy and fire.

Her Godparents came too, one making the trek from far away with her 2 babies in tow on a rainy Sunday morning.

In what seems to be a disturbing changing world, I am thankful for the love and joy that embraces my little corner of the universe.


  1. Another beautiful creation....of course, being on a beautiful young lady makes it even better.

  2. Beautiful.
    Congratulations to her.

  3. Beautiful dress. I loved seeing the photo of your mother in hers, too.