Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fairy Tale Dress

The Fairy Tale Dress (Oliver + S) has become my other favourite pattern. It's a bit more time consuming to construct than my first favourite dress, the Bubble Dress pattern, which BTW only goes to size 5. Fortunately, the Fairy Tale dress goes to size 12.

I've made 8 of them since buying the pattern and every single one has turned out perfectly.  As I've said so many times, Oliver + S pattern are truly the best children's patterns. Period.

When Miss C. asked for a spring/Easter dress, she chose the pattern and the fabric from my stash. The fabric is 'Water Lily', Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller fabrics.

I also made her a spring coat but haven't had a chance to get it modelled properly. In this photo, she's sporting hair that just came from swimming class and hastily blow dried.
The hem on the coat needs to be shortened.

The pattern is from Ottobre magazine Winter 2006 Issue.

I really like the end product from Ottobre patterns but tracing out the desired size sure makes you crossed eyed.

Here are the 8 Fairy Tale dresses I've made so far.

When the pattern first came out, it was suggested to make a muslin first. I've never done that and like I said before, the dress turns out perfectly every time.


  1. They are all gorgeous...yesterday I was showing Lorelei's mom a lot of the things you have made. She was impressed. I think she love that first one in that collage best of all...and those little bubble dresses you posed on here before this post.

  2. Another winner Deb. She chose well! It's my favourite fancy dress pattern too, and I've also never altered or checked fit at all