Friday, February 9, 2018


I saw some fun little Valentines brooches the other day while surfing for hand stitching ideas that I could do with Miss C.

I came across heart shaped felt with scraps of lace, ribbon, buttons and beads. "Perfect" I thought.

So I made one quickly to see if she's like to make some......

...... and she wanted to make 11 for all her bff's.

Then we decided to make some more Valentines gifts for friends that her brother could make as well.

I bought some lollypops from the bulk food store, trimmed away some of the plastic and affixed them to card stock that I cut using my Scan 'n Cut. The kids has already printed their Valentines wish on the other side.
Lastly we added a bit of green in the shape of a leaf.

Since there was a lot crafty items on the dining table when we were done, Miss C wanted to try her hand at she made a bookmark!

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  1. They are perfection and so much more so for the joint effort.