Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Dress #3

Using the Oliver + S Bubble Dress pattern for the skirt and McCalls 5964 for the bodice , here is Christmas dress number 3.

The devil made me buy this red party fabric.  It was on sale, I was convinced, for exactly the amount of spare change I had in my pocket.  And besides, it was sparkly and Christmassy looking, even my better judgement couldn't resist.

However I used black cotton for lining and black velvet for the bodice all from my stash.  Therefore, I feel somewhat redeemed.

I made a little rosette from the fabric.  I cut a strip about 30cm long (12 inches) and 5cm wide (2 inches) folded the fabric in half and ran a basting stitch using strong quilting thread along the raw edge.
Then slowly, pull on the thread at one end to gather and roll until the fabric looks like a rose.  Then stitch in the middle to hold everything together.  I put a button in the centre as well and then stitched it to the bodice.

The dress is size 2.
I only needed a small amount of the red fabric for the skirt. But all the black cotton and black velvet got used up and has made way for the red fabric that's now left over!


  1. The dress is beautiful! That red fabric is perfect for the bubble part of the dress so your slip up is redeemed.:)

  2. This is gorgeous and worth every penny you spent on the beautiful fabric!!!

  3. Again... not sure which is more adorable - the dress or the doll wearing it! ; )

  4. Good for you and good luck with reducing your stash. I don't have too much fashion fabric but I'd really like to get some of it made into garments so lead the way!