Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas dress #2

My daughter came with me to Fabricland and she picked out the fabric for a Christmas dress.
Using Oliver + S pattern, Bubble dress, here's the dress.  I'm pleased with the results.

And it looks good on Caitlin.  It's size 2.
Because it has a capped sleeve, I ordered some sage green velvet from On-line fabric  to make a shrug.

The order was sent right away and I will certainly use them again if I need to get something that isn't in my stash.
Using McCalls 5964 in size 2, I whipped up the shrug.  It's a little small, so next time I'll make size 3.

The velvet is stretchy so for the lining,  I used a stretchy fabric I found in the 'slinky' bin at Fabricland.

Mom likes the dress. Caitlin likes the dress.  Grandma loves the fabric.


  1. And I love the dress too! It's gorgeous!

  2. What a great dress and shrug. I love Christmas dress #1 too!

  3. eeeeee! I'm not sure which is cuter - the dress or THAT GIRL! : )

    So sweet.
    thank you for sharing at TN&TN
    Great to see you there.

  4. How sweet , your daughter looks just precious in her new special dress .

  5. Adorable! She seems to love wearing it!

  6. Deb, very cute dress! Well done! LOVE the challenge you've set for yourself. I've been thinking of doing something similar. So much fabric, so little time. :)

  7. Fabulous....and Caitlin looks adorable in it!

  8. So cute - both the dress and the wee one!

  9. What a doll! That pattern is one of my favorites. Your fabric choices are so very fun and the shrug is a great idea!

  10. Looks great, but I'm still waiting for the outfits for your grandson!

  11. I love dress and fabric...it has been ages since I have sewn for a child. Other than making the little dress with the tank top...you know how you cut the tank top off and add a skirt...I think that is the only thing I have made since my girls were young.