Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas gift sewing

My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter just loves the Wizard of Oz. 

When I was her age, well, actually older than her age, that movie scared the beejeebers out of me.  The witch, her monkeys even the Wizard frightened me so much so that I hid behind the chesterfield when they appeared on the tv screen, which back in those days was black and white.

At any rate, Caitlin is not even fazed by the images in bold colour and on a huge tv screen.  She is brave like Dorothy. 
Since she loves the movie so much, for a Christmas gift I made her a dress like Dorothy's complete with (store bought) ruby slippers and a basket containing with Toto. (Yeah for on-line ordering!)

I made the dress large enough to fit over her regular clothes.

Here she is on Christmas Day wearing the Oliver + S Bubble Dress and velvet shrug I made earlier. She is opening the Wizard of Oz dress-up outfit.

Well, it was a hit and off came the Christmas bubble dress on on went the Dorothy dress!

And there she goes ..... off to see the Wizard .... or at least wade through the quagmire of wrapping.

She wore the dress all day long and through Christmas dinner.

And as for the ruby slippers, she clicked her heels together many times..........

'cuz there's no place like home!

I used the Basic Bodice dress by Collars Etc. for the Dorothy dress pattern adding longer sleeves, a zipper opening at the back and a separate waistband sash with straps.  For the collar I simply cut a strip of fabric on the bias and added ric rac. Size 2.


  1. What a wonderful dress! She is so lucky to have suh a talented grandma! I also like the red and green christmas dress

  2. Darling! It's just perfect, every detail!

  3. How special! I love the grin of hers in the 5th picture. You can see how much she loves her Dorothy outfit!

  4. How adorable! Love the shoes and basket detail.

  5. She is just too adorable...and I like the dresses too.

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  8. o my gosh - that blue dress & ruby slippers - brought tears to my eyes!! A D O R A B L E !! : ) I didn't realize you were "Great White North" too. : ) Awesome. Nice to meet you again.

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