Saturday, July 7, 2012


I have my sewing room back for a few days as all the guests have gone....but not for long.
Today I was able to complete this dress, it's called Antoinette, size 4.  It was designed by a very talented lady named Nele from Belgium.
Despite that the instructions were written in Dutch, it was really easy to put together. There were good photos and the rest was intuitive.  Unfortunately, the pattern is no longer available.
The next time I make this dress, I will add 4cm to the hem as opposed to 2cm as per the instructions.

Nele's website can be found here . She has many beautiful items that she has made, designed plus a lot of sewing tips and tutorials.
She got the inspiration her Antoinette dress from this dress at

The fabric I chose is periwinkle blue linen and the collar and piping is light green cotton.


  1. It's such a lovely dress! Are you enjoying your summer and all the visitors?:)

  2. This is so lovely - glad to hear it went together well (I was lucky enough to buy this when it was available - sometimes impulsive buying is a good thing!)

  3. When I saw this, I was THRILLED! I love this pattern, and was dying to know how difficult it was to sew due to language barriers (I've never attempted anything foreign before, but have a love for many of the foreign patterns). Then, I read it isn't available any more - sad, sad, sad. Lucky you, unlucky me! It is a BEAUTIFUL dress, and I LOVE the color combination!

  4. That is so different...just love it.

  5. It's a really lovely dress! I saw it on flickr and came back here to post. None of your last 3 or 4 blog posts have shown up in my Google Reader.... I wonder why that is?

  6. It turned out so nice, I see you even added piping at the waist!