Monday, July 30, 2012 fits!

All set for the Pirate Cruise and the costumes fit perfectly!  Good old Oliver + S patterns are dependable every time.
Badminton skort, Class Picnic blouse, Sleepover pj's (template for the vest) Size 3.

The solid red skirt was from a Strawberry Shortcake costume I made for my daughter and now it works for pirate-wear!

S9514 was little short through the waist to crotch causing the domes (snaps) to undo when he crawled around.  Next time around, lengthen through the middle and use larger domes. Maybe cut a little wider too.

 All ready to set sail and search for treasure and those pesky Lake Muskoka Pirates!

And there are some on the port side!

Lots of stripes, reference for more costumes.
Diggin' the funky sunglasses too.

After a sword flight with one of junior Pirates, this lake Pirate makes good his escape into the water.

On shore, there are plenty of Pirates with a chest full of stolen treasure of jewels and coins plus other items that look like they came from the dollar store.

Stripes and animal print fabric; good reference material.

The elder Pirate is claiming the wenches on his island cost a lot of money. It must be an inside joke with his weekend guests.
There were more people participating in this skit that aren't in this photo and they were all having a great time putting on a show.

Fun times at the cottage.
Swimming, Pirates and everyone yelling Arrrrrr, until their throat hurts!


  1. This sounds like so much fun! You did a super job with the costumes. Did you make one for yourself?

  2. Next Year you can celebrate "International Talk like a pirate day" (Sept 19th). Thanks so much sharing! [Found your on Oliver +S Flickr & Facebook pages]