Thursday, July 26, 2012

Arrrr...more dress-ups

Two pirate costumes are needed right away. So here they are.
One for Caitlin.....

......and one for Adam.

But first here's is the Pirate story....

Once a week one of the steamships on our lake becomes a Pirate Ship. It's special cruise for families. Everyone dresses up like a pirate and there's breakfast and entertainment from a children's entertainer. He's the fellow standing on top of the wheelhouse.
The ship cruises around the lake looking for other pirates (local cottagers) to attack. On the wheelhouse is also an air-cannon so when the pirates passengers count down ...ready, aim, fire... it's followed by a loud bang.
It's great fun.

Some cottagers dress up their boats and attack from the water.

And some cottagers put on a short skit and attack from shore.

Here are spectators watching some land-lubbers walk the plank.

For the skirt, I used Oliver + S badminton skort.  There are shorts underneath but it was just too difficult to photograph. It's size 3 and so easy and quick to make. Like all the O+S patterns the directions were easy to follow and the results simply perfect.

For the blouse I used Oliver + S Class Picnic pattern. Another quick and easy pattern. Size 3. I put large ric rac along the front between the yoke and bodice front. Plus I added a little pirate bling in the form of lace on the sleeves.

For the vest I used the pattern pieces from Oliver +S Sleepover pyjamas. Using the front and back bodice pieces as a guide for size for the back and front width as well as for the armscye, I lay tracing fabric over and redrew the shape I wanted for the front of the vest.
For the front closure I used a little bit of black velcro so Caitlin can do up her vest, or not.

I traced a skull and crossbones on Steam-a-Seam then ironed and stitched the pieces in place. Unfortunately I didn't have any stabilizer to put behind the applique so it puckered like crazy. Right now time is of the essence and driving an hour to another town isn't an option.

Overall it looks just fine and perfect for a child's Pirate Cruise.

Digging out vintage pattern S9514 I also found some scraps of red stripe fabric that I used for a dress up outfit I made for Adam's mom when she was a child.  I also used this pattern to make overalls for her brother when he was little nipper.

Adam is such a chubby baby that as I measured exactly his width on the striped fabric, only two white stripes lined up, as opposed to white and red, and right in the middle too!  Arrgh.  Oh well. It is what it is and this only a costume.
Again, I didn't have stabilizer so the applique is somewhat distorted.

So, what is a Pirates favourite letter in the alphabet?
Arrrrr you say?
It's the sea!


  1. The Pirate Cruise and antics by the locals look like a blast!! I'm wishing I was there to partake in the fun.:)

    Love the outfits you made...the girls' ensemble is the best!! I just might have to convince one of the little girls that they need to dress up as a pirate for Halloween and make a similar outfit.;)

  2. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! You opened up a realm of possibilities using these O+S patterns...thanks for sharing your creativity!

  3. I especially love that skirt! It looks like you all had lots of fun! Arrrrrrrrrrgh!