Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playdate Dress & Swingset Skirt

After a long sewing hiatus it looks like I can finally get back to the many projects that are waiting, already cut out and sitting in two large laundry hampers collecting dust.

First up was Oliver + S Playdate Dress.
As bad luck would have it, construction of this took much longer than anticipated.  First, I agonized over the inside of the yoke front and back trying out several ways to finish off the inside raw edge.
For this version, I used some double fold bias tape.
Then, thanks to some schmutz on my iron that I didn't see, there is now a big brown stain on the very front of the outside yoke that I cannot remove.  Argh.

Size 3T. Teal corduroy from Fabricland with white snowball looking trim.
I added a white cuff with the trim on the sleeve which isn't part of the pattern.  It was a bitch no easy task to stitch the trim and cuff to the sleeve. I tried using a zipper foot and then resorted to a 1/4 inch foot and with a few choice expressions, it seemed to work.

I am going to cut this dress pattern out again later today trying out another method to finish off the inside yoke area.

Since red wine sewing is a great stress reliever for me and because the Playdate Dress got me really stressed, I whipped out this sweet little skirt.  I've made the top from this Oliver + S pattern but never the skirt.

It's called Swingset Skirt. Size 3T. Fabric is from Aneela Hoey from her Walk in the Woods line.
It took less than an hour to construct and bonus, I'm calm now!

Off to cut out another Playdate Dress................


  1. Which part isn't finished on the inside? I haven't made the Playdate dress yet (it's on the never ending list) but I know I was surprised with the Swingset and Puppet Show insides as it seems like the newer patterns are finished more neatly. If you figure out a solution, please share! Like I said, it's on my list.

    I do think the dress is darling though! And where's the stain...I can't see it.:)

  2. Well I think it was well worth the work and time you put into it, it's gorgeous! On the Playdates I have done I used the tutorial for Queen of the flies and they have turned out lovely. I not sure yet though how I am going to finish the velvet one for Christmas yet.
    I love the skirt too!

  3. Love the skirt! Hope the next Playdate goes more smoothly (I've just cut my first one out too....)

  4. Red wine is a great soother.
    I love this dress and have just learnt to live with inside finish,I overlock mine.
    I had a few attempts to bind it but then it puckered after washing.
    The colours are stunning in this version.
    xx N

  5. Someone did a tutorial about finishing the inside edge. I overlock mine as well. I never even think about that edge after I finish the dress. I hate when that happens with the iron. Your dress is really cute. I love the color.

  6. And I forgot to add, I love the Swing Set skirt pattern. The finished skirt is so cute. The drape is nice and I like the lining and the waist construction. Yours is really cute.

  7. Well, despite the trouble, I think it turned out well. I just love the colors and the pom-pom-ish trim!

  8. I solo miss my sewing days. I just love that little skirt.

  9. Every time I visit this blog, it makes me want to try again...maybe after I get some quilting done I will attempt something again. I actually have a project in mind...