Monday, October 29, 2012

Two more patterns

There are a lot of Oliver + S patterns in my stash that I haven't used yet.  Here are two.

First up is Sandbox Pants.
These are just a test run to check for size. 12-18mos. The fabric might be a little itchy but it doesn't matter because they are just a test run.
I really like the pockets both front and back on this pattern.  And like all O+S patterns the instructions were easy to follow with perfect results.

Second is the skirt from the 2+2 pattern.  I've made the top but not the skirt.
This size 3. The fabric is stretchy and was a 100% unknown fibers remnant.  It too is a test run.
I love how this skirt falls from the waist and I know it will meet the twirl-ability factor.

I have a hamper full of traced, cut and ready to assemble patterns.  So I'm taking advantage of the nasty weather outside and will stay inside to sew.
Maybe the leaves that need clearing will blow away on their own thanks to the weather system that is over top of us feeding the hurricane that's heading this way.

The hydro will most likely go out soon .... back to the machine while it still has electricity!


  1. Those pants bring back a memory for me...when I was about 6 or 7...somewhere along in there....I can remember my mom taking newspaper and cutting out a pattern to make a pair pants for me. I can remember have to hold still while she held the pattern to me and trimmed and re trimmed it.

    When she got it just right, she made them for me and they had pockets like the ones here...and they were gray.

  2. Love the pants! The Sandbox is one of my favorite patterns. I so wish that one went up to a size 12. I have a pair in a heavy poplin that I cut out for P after upsizing the size 8 pattern pieces to a 12 (I hope!) that I'm going to work on this evening at my parents' house. The purple 2+2 is cute! I've only made the skirt once...really need to try it again. Hope you all are faring well with Sandy!