Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Report Dress

Well that was quick.
And easy too.
Time will tell if it passes the test though.

When I showed my daughter this Oliver + S  Book Report dress pattern when it first came out, she didn't care for it.
Outwardly I heaved a deep sigh.
Inwardly I knew I was going to make it.

Digging through my stash which incidentally is pretty much all over the sewing room floor these days, I came up with some blue and off white leafy fabric and paired it with blue poly/cotton.
"If she doesn't like this dress at all" I said to myself "at least I didn't use some treasured fabric."

But I like it.
I like how it buttons up at the shoulders and the dress front folds over the yoke back.

I like the fun pockets that are big and deep.  Perfect for little treasures.

I like the pleats on the front and back.

I like that the dress can be colour blocked....or not.  

And I like that it can be worn as a dress or tunic.
I have tunic in mind so just as soon as I can, I'm going to the fabric store to buy some stretch lace fabric to make leggings to wear with this dress.  Similar to the ones below.

I made size 4.

Note to self: fingers crossed she likes it because I want to make more.


  1. Love it! And my fingers are crossed as well..hoping you'll get to make many more.;)

  2. I love it and really hope your daughter does too
    Btw - I want to see a picture of your stash!

  3. Fabulous! I love your fabric selection and the color combination. It's official, we may just have to break down and buy this pattern now :)!

  4. I think the fabric you used works very well!! And those big pockets....! How could anyone NOT like it?!

  5. I hope she loves it, too! It has so many great details.

  6. Wonder what treasures Caitlin will put in the pockets. I don't know if Lorelei even notices pockets, but I remember always loving it when I had a pocket. And still like pockets...I will probably die and be buried in jeans simply because of the pockets.