Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Photo shoot.

Getting kids to co-operate for photos can be most trying. One minute they are hams for the camera and the next, they want to hog the camera.

Here's Adam willingly sporting for the camera his new Sketchbook shirt and Sandbox pants.

His willingness to model is wearing thin but I can see that the pants hems are a little long as are the shirt sleeve cuffs.  Both are size 2 and next time around I'll make the necessary adjustment.

Okay so now he want to hold the camera.

Quickly I slipped on him the Basic Blazer pattern from Blank Slate; Melly Sews........

...but he was not going to co-operate by standing up for the photo.  He wanted to hold the camera, no ifs, ands or buts!

The blazer was easy and quick to make. Foolishly, I used a faux suede that doesn't have much body even with plenty of stabilizer.  It was impossible to iron and doesn't hold the front lapels properly.

Now our model is winding up to full tantrum because I'm not letting him have my camera.  But just look at those back pockets ... too cute, huh?

Here we are in full melt down.  I like the faux suede fabric because it doesn't crease so next time I'll use it for a dress, maybe the School Photo Dress.

Here I am offering my auxiliary camera .... it's a Canon ..... but no, he wants my Nikon.

I'm going to make this blazer again using a more structured fabric. Oh and with bemberg lining too.


  1. Cute outfit and cute model, tanty included :-)
    I learnt a similar lesson with too-soft fabric when I used velvet to make the Secret Agent Trench :-(

  2. Oh, he could be a real model...He sure looks good decked out in the outfits you made him!

  3. I can relate;) The blazer looks great! (as does the whole outfit)

  4. All are excellent pieces to his wardrobe.....very stylish! Your commentary always makes us laugh :). Way to be strong - we caved when the niece wanted our camera at a recent photoshoot.... allowing her to take three photos, no more / no less.

  5. He's such a dapper dude in his new clothes!

  6. Too funny! Love your O + S duds!

  7. This outfit is fablulous on your little grand. That shirt color is gorgeous on him. He is a beautiful child. I loved how you kept taking the pictures so that we could see all the details through the 'temper tamper', as my daughter used to say. Too funny!

  8. Your model did well considering his age! and that the clothes are a bit long is okay because in about a month all will be just right. Growth spurs are always part of this as you likely know well.edoito 577