Friday, February 15, 2013

Basic Blazer...again

Not to be scuppered by my own poor choice of fabric for this pattern when I made it last week, I went back to the stash, chose a slightly stretchy twill type of fabric as well as Bemberg lining and then made the Basic Blazer again.
The outcome this time around was much better. 

Like before, it was really difficult to get a good photo of the jacket. However it fit perfectly and the
Bemberg lining made it easy to slip the blazer on and off.

For our photo shoot our model agreed to sport some funky leather high tops too.

The only change I made to the pattern was to leave an opening in the back of the lining of the jacket to turn inside out as opposed to leaving the bottom open. During construction I basted most of the back seam of the lining and then removed the basting threads to turn inside out.
Also, I didn't stitch around the outside of the welt pocket as indicated. And instead of having 3 buttons for the front, went with 2. In hindsight I should have made bound buttonholes.

His mom and dad loved the outfit: Basic Blazer Jacket, white t-shirt  O+S Sandbox pants, and brown leather high top sneakers.

Basic Blazer from Blank Slate. Size 2
Off to make more little outfits...........................


  1. The blazer looks great! I want to shrink P down so he can wear an outfit like this.;)

  2. Oh my gosh I love this outfit- all of it!! I love the color of the blazer, and those shoes- love!

  3. Oh, I like it...and the model is so handsome!

  4. I think that is very smart looking. And you put much work into it too. I love the combo .

  5. Very funky Deb - he looks adorable in it :-)

  6. The blazer turned out great - thanks for sharing in the Flickr group.

  7. Wow! i love this entire outfit! The blazer is just beautiful and the color is spectacular on him. The pants are so well made, too! Those shoes are CUTE!