Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Monster Party

This little monster is turning 2 next week and he's having a Monster themed birthday party.

So my daughter asked me to make as few items to help her out.
First up, she wanted  Softies she had seen on a website for the loot bags.
In hindsight, I wished I had used fleece instead of felt as they were difficult to turn inside out.  Plus that, they were extremely labour intensive.

She saw an image of duct taped drink boxes and asked me to make them as well.
I wish fancy patterned and brightly coloured duct tape was available when my kids were little.  I would have made all sorts of characters on their drink boxes.

She also wanted crayon holders based on another image she Pinned.
They were less labour intensive but still took a good deal of time because I had to keep changing thread colours in my sewing machine.

I found barely enough green coloured elastic to stitch into the side so the little felt holders can be rolled up and put inside the Loot Bags.

Another image she Pinned was a monster bean bag toss board.  My husband cut it out of scrap plywood and spent the day painting it.

While he was painting, I made bean bags.
I filled plastic sandwich bags with navy beans and stitched them to the inside of the poly/cotton bags.  If the bags get wet from damp grass or spilled drinks they won't sprout later was my thinking.

The bean bag toss game was the easiest and fastest project for the party that we had to make.

But we're not done just yet.

She has asked me to bring to her house my sewing machine with... get this ..... "special paper machine needles". I guess it's obvious she doesn't sew at all!
Anyway, she wants me to stitch together some crepe paper and glue it on bristol board for a "Pin the Eye on the Monster" game.  Once again, the idea came from an image she Pinned.

Also, there are clear cello candy bags to fill and decorate with googly eyes.

Meanwhile, she's ordered a fantastic looking monster birthday cake as well as monster pop cakes. She's made pennant bands to string around the kitchen and living room and lots of crepe paper monster eyes to hang from the ceiling.

It's going to be a fun party but like all parties, well for me at least, the most fun is in the preparation.


  1. Omg, you have to be the best and most talented grandma EVER. (Btw, he is anything but a monster... look at that sweet face.)

    I am so impressed at your handiwork. Your daughter is one lucky lady.

  2. Amazing party prep! I love everything you made- can I bring my kids to the party- LOL!!

  3. EPIC!! This is going to be amazing. What an awesome Grandma you are!

  4. Granny of the year!

  5. Wowzers! This is going to be a great party! I love the brightly colored monsters.:)

  6. YOU Have been BUSY! Someone is a lucky little guy!