Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tinny Flip #2

When I saw this dress from Marie Chantal (children's wear) I Pinned it as a reference to make a similar dress. It's called the Gabrielle dress and it costs somewhere in the neighbourhood of $210.00.

For the month of August on the blog Frances and Suzanne, the challenge is to "Flip" the Tinny dress, a pattern from Straight-grain.
Looking at the pattern pieces for the Tinny dress, I quickly realized that I could use those pieces and with some adjustments make the same dress for my "flip"  

Here's my Tinny flipped to look like a Gabrielle dress. It's size 5.

(We were attempting to get some drama like the above photo and it was difficult to get her to stop giggling!)

Step #1 was to cut the skirt portion and add about 2 inches to the width in order to make large box pleats.

For the skirt pockets, I used the pattern pieces from the free download pattern for the pleated playsuit  from Elephants and Elegance.

While looking for images of the dress, quite ironically I found another sewist who had done the same thing however she was flipping the the Oliver + S Fairytale dress. For all the steps to make the pockets go to her website: click here.

The fabric I chose is a navy suiting fabric. It was $3.00/m and I bought two meters.
I found some navy shiny fabric to trim the collar ....

.... and cuffs.
I made the cuffs similar to Oliver + S Puppet Show cuffs, except the ends of my version meet.
The sleeves were lengthened to bracelet length so Miss C. doesn't have to wear a sweater when the weather gets cooler.

I made a makeshift belt from the navy shiny fabric but have ordered a silver faux leather belt that I was hoping would arrive before I posted this.

Lastly, I made 2 self covered buttons.

Overall, this was fun "Flip" and I'm pleased with the results.  Mom and Miss C are also pleased.

Initially, I wanted to make the dress in a grey or light brown tweedy fabric but in the past my daughter has said she isn't fond of browns and greys on our little girl so that's why I went with navy.  When I showed her the original Marie Chantal dress she said she would have preferred grey or a light tweedy brown fabric instead.  Gah!  The conversation reminded me of the 'dark years' when she was teen.

I've got another Tinny flip in mind as well as an outfit for the Secret Squirrel for August. However, my sewing room just got flipped into a guest room so those projects will have to wait until all the guests have gone.

This "Flipping" business is fun!


  1. Wonderful! You made a georgeous version of this dress.

  2. Love! Pockets are adorable too : )

  3. This is so lovely, Deb - perfect details.
    And you are so good at 'flipping'!

  4. Yes, you are a good 'flipper' - as Justine mentioned!! What a lovely dress....she looks so grown up in it!

  5. The dress is beautiful, Deb! Classic and lovely and very elegant.:)

  6. Oh, I really love this! The navy suiting fabric was a perfect choice!

  7. That's really lovely, so understated and stylish and very clever! I love the navy (although your comment about your conversation with 'mom' about greys vs navy etc, made me smile, thats exactly how me and my mom are!). I've just made a flipped Tinny in navy too, although it's very differnt. Take a look if you have a minute!

  8. What an elegant flip. Great Job, Deb!

  9. I love this dress! The pleats are beautiful and I love the combination of matte and shiny navy.

  10. What's classic and stylist dress. Looks like something from boutique store. Love

  11. These navy dresses are just killing me. Such a classic feel. I love the piping around the collar too.

  12. This makes a really nice dress-up dress!

  13. This is so beautiful! Great knock off!