Friday, October 25, 2013

Hopscotch Skirt

One problem with sewing something for someone who lives 2 hours away is it can't be fitted before completion.
Another problem is timing. The wearer has a very busy schedule; Jr. Kindy, tap dance, ballet, play dates, so I have to make sure to arrive during a window of opportunity.

Well today was my lucky day because she came here.  Her daddy had to pick up his boat and put it away for winter storage.

There wasn't any time to try on the Hopscotch skirt I made earlier in the week because there were chipmunks to be fed, leaves to be rolled in, pine cones to collect plus a quick walk in the woods to check on the branch lean-to fort. So we decided holding it up would be good enough for now.

It's size 4, light blue pinwale corduroy.

Something is amiss with my sewing machine and the buttonhole function isn't working properly. Argh. That means an 1 hour drive north to see the machine fix-it man.  Needless to say the buttonholes on this skirt are far from perfect.

When she got home, she tried it on and her daddy took a photo sending it to me.
The waistband needs to be taken easy fix... and everything else is perfect.

Next trip down to the Big Smoke I shall go with seam ripper, needle and thread in hand to make the necessary repairs.
In the meantime, maybe I should make a few more Hopscotch skirts. They are so easy make.


  1. I love this skirt pattern too. Your backyard sounds like a kids dream! I sew after bedtime, so even though my sewing recipients are in the same house I don't get the luxury of trying on either! (or at least I'm too impatient to leave things unfinished)

  2. Ooh it looks lovely in cord (as does everything in my opinion!).

  3. Cute! It's a pretty shade of blue.

  4. Oh, she is just too cute for words...and I like the skirt, too.