Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hula Hoop

I was lucky to get a quick but out-of-focus photo of Miss C wearing the Hula Hoop skirt I made her earlier in the week.
While she will co-operate to pose in something I've made, that posing time has a very short window.  There's just too much to do around here!

The skirt takes no time at all to put together.  Once this one was cut out and marked, I was able to sew it together while waiting for dinner to cook.
Threading the elastic waited until after dinner though.

Here's the front. Miss C is examining the front flap.

Here's the back.

And now for the reverse side.

We were making little cakes in the shape of acorns today for our Thanksgiving lunch.  This one is fresh out of the oven.

In case you missed seeing it, she's holding the little cake over her shoulder so you can have a second chance.

The skirt is size 5ish. I used  size 4 pattern pieces an added about 1/4" all around. The skirt fits perfectly plus it twirls.

Too bad the photos are out-of-focus but at least I got photos .... and acorn shaped cakes too!


  1. That is just so cute...and she is so adorable.

  2. The skirt is adorable, I really like the floral print. Good thing it twirls.:)

  3. So cute! I have this pattern cut out but haven't put it together yet. I am happy to see how nicely it fits on your little grand. Love how Miss C had to have a prop for the pics! ;)