Sunday, October 20, 2013

Swingset Skirt

I've had this delightfully tacky pumpkin fabric sitting in my stash for years.  During that time it's managed to get tackier to those who see it for the first time, but not so much for me because I see it often....pumpkins with their googley eyes watching me sew.
I think the fabric was $3.00 a meter and that's why I bought it thinking it would make for a fun lining in a childs outfit.

I think Miss C, who is 4, will love these silly little pumpkins on this O+S Swingset Skirt.

The underskirt is orange broadcloth with black tulle along the edge.

I have 3 jingle pumpkins; 2 Miss C uses as a necklace.  I tied the remaining jingle pumpkin on the end of the tie and her mom can attach one of necklace pumpkins to the other tie end.

Size 5. And it's guaranteed to twirl!


  1. It's adorable and I am sure Miss C will love it! The little girls in my kindergarten would swoon over it!

  2. Love it in all it's tacky glory :-)

  3. This is just too cute for words! I sure miss Lorelei liking dresses....

  4. I think for holiday theme wear, the tackier the better! Darling skirt!