Thursday, December 26, 2013

Art Museum Vest & Trousers

Finally! I have a photo of Mr. A wearing the Art Museum Vest and Trousers (Oliver + S) pattern.

Here he is wielding a screwdriver belonging to a workbench he got for Christmas.

The trouser leg hems need to be turned up. The measurement I was given over the phone wasn't accurate.   Also the waist elastic should be taken in about an inch.
Easy fix.

The back and lining worked well with his tie.

Lucy is sporting her new collar with iconic Hudson's Bay Company stripes.

Mr. A looks really dapper in this outfit and I plan to make more from this pattern. I've got some more suiting fabric washed and ready to go.

He wore this outfit several times over the holidays - long hems and all - but that didn't seem to stop him.
Party on dude!


  1. Deb, this outfit is perfect on him. And he is adorable :-)

  2. Oh my Deb, I just adore his little outfit! I can't wait to see the next one you make.

  3. What a handsome little fellow! Love the outfit! I just bought two of the Oliver + S patterns to try. I was anxious to get started, so I got the digital download, but it's a lot to print out. Do you usually get the paper pattern or the digital download?

  4. The vest, pants, tie, and white button down are so adorable on him! He's a dapper little guy.:)

  5. He looks absolutely adorable Deb.
    I love every little bit of this outfit.

  6. Best dressed tradie ever!
    I love how the last photo shows the true chaos (and fun) of Christmas

  7. Oh my goodness, he is sooo very cute! Adorable.

  8. This is the best version I have seen of the pattern. Absolutely gorgeous, as is he!

  9. Wow, he looks so handsome in it!