Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baby Cardi's

Having finally learned how to knit I figured I ought to make a few baby cardi's to have on hand in case someone has a baby. Mostly, I wanted to practice.

The first one is called Baby Sophisticate by Linden Heflin.  It's a free download on Ravelry. I think the pattern is absolutely adorable. An old-guy sweater for a new-guy.

It's size 0-3mos according to the pattern.
It was easy and quick to make.

It's difficult to get a good photo on an overcast and dreary day.

Anyway, I used brown buttons hoping to emulate vintage leather bound buttons. Wood with a black tint button might look nice on this cardigan as well.

Being a new knitter, I had a few questions which I was able to answer for myself. A sign that either:
A) I'm talking to myself or
B) I'm grasping knitting terms or
maybe a little of both A) and B) :)

The first  question I had was; when working on yoke part of cardigan where it says to continue working in st st until yoke measures 3.5(4.5)" does that mean from the cast on edge or from finishing rows 3 & 13 3(4) times.
The answer is it's from the cast on edge and if more st st rows are required it won't be many and will be hidden under the armscye.

Second question was making the collar section where it say's to start at the bottom left edge.
Does that mean the baby's left or my left?
The answer is it's my left as I look at the sweater.

The third question was the w&t steps starting at row 5 on the collar.  If I bring the yarn forward for the w&t wouldn't that mean I should continue in a p st?
Just bring the yarn forward, turn and then adjust the yarn and continue in k st.
Oh, and use markers to help find those last 18 sts.

I couldn't figure out the bind off as per the authors suggestion and just did it the way I was taught.

Yarn used was Bernat Alpaca, (15s X 20r) colour Stone, 5mm circular needles.


The next baby cardi was also a free download from Ravelry called Garter Yoke Baby Cardi by Jennifer Hoel.

Once again getting a good photo is proving difficult.

I usually choose solid coloured yarns but this time around, used a variegated yarn from Cascade Yarns, Cherub DK  (22-24st X 4") colour 512 Lilypond and used 3.5mm circular needles.

The pattern say's it's 6-12mos but judging by Baby Sophisticate, I'd say it's more like 3-6.

Again, it was fairly straightforward and quick to make.
However there were a couple of knots in the yarn that I didn't discover until mid-row in two areas.  So there are a couple of glaring flaws in the stitches on the front and on the sleeve.

When it came to the raglan shaping beginning at rows 9 & 10, I copied the following from a comment by the author on Ravelry:

The raglan shaping will add 8sts every odd row (one m1 on either side of the k2 that forms the front and back seam of each sleeve).
Row 11: sl1, k10, m1, pm, k2, pm, m1, k8, m1, pm, k2, pm, m1, k22, m1, pm, k2, pm, m1, k8, m1, pm, k2, pm, m1, k11 (76sts)
Row 12: sl1, k11, pm, p2, pm, k10, pm, p2, pm, k24, pm, p2, pm, k10, pm, p2, pm, k12.
Row 13: sl1, k11, m1, pm, k2, pm, m1, k10, m1, pm, k2, pm, m1, k24, m1, pm, k2, pm, m1, k10, m1, pm, k2, pm, m1, k12 (84sts)
Row 14: sl1, k12, pm, p2, pm, k12, pm, p2, pm, k26, pm, p2, pm, k12, pm, p2, pm, k13.
Note how the m1, pm, k2, pm, m1 is consistent regardless of the number of stitches elsewhere.
I didn't use the i-cord button band as per an option in the instructions, using a basic garter buttonhole band instead. I need more practice doing those. Lots more practice.


  1. these are just so darling Deb, you are a knitting whiz!

  2. These are so cute...though cute is not the exact word. I just simply love them. Especially the first.

  3. Adorable!! You are SO talented!! I like the first one best of all, but they are all too, too cute!!

  4. You've taken off with your knitting! Both sweaters are adorable but I especially <3 the first one.:)

  5. They are wonderful!!!! I love a baby in a knitted sweater. Cardigans are especially wonderful.

  6. please explain what slip m means. thank you

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