Sunday, August 17, 2014

Explorers Vest

For Mr. A's 3rd birthday, I made him the Explorer's Vest from the Book Little Things to Sew by Oliver + S.

I left off the buttons because the vest will most likely be worn open and besides, he can't do buttons yet.

It's size 3.

 Bampaw decided to call it an Adventure Vest and using Quark, designed a little tag that was ironed onto a pocket.

Getting carried away with iron-on transfer paper, we also copy/pasted a Smokey badge. His dad loves anything Smokey the Bear so we know he'll enjoy this.

On one of the pockets, I put a little strap to hang a bug finder box.
The d-ring comes in handy for hanging a compass.

I got carried away in a toy store and bought a bunch of "adventure" items and attached them to lanyards and a big carabiner.
There's a plastic Swiss army set, a flashlight, a drink bottle, a whistle and a compass.
My guess is he'll play with these and not bother much with the vest :)

The lining sure suits the vest.

The vest turned out well and I hope he finds it useful when he goes on an adventure in the woods.


  1. What a great vest! I would totally have loved it when I was a kid! All those pockets--just everything about it is wonderful as far as the kid in me is concerned!

  2. What a great gift. All the little extras really make it something wonderful.
    I've never heard of Quark but misread it as Quork which is that dreadful fake meat for vegetarians. You probably could mold things out of that come to think of it...

  3. It is wonderful. I made the vest for my son but didn't make it very explorer like. We have been into doing a lot of hikes so I think I'd like to make some for each of the kids with the spirit of the one you made. I love the smokey the bear patch and the label you made too.

  4. Oh my goodness! It's fantastic! What an amazing job you did :)

  5. What a lucky boy! The vest is super and you pulled everything together beautifully. Can't believe you found the perfect the lining fabric. You are amazing!!

  6. Love the vest. What a brill idea for a little boy. Love all the little bits and bobs you've bought too. An amazing present, x

  7. Oh my, it's fantastic! What a wonderful present!