Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Adventure Vest

A few years ago I made Mr. A the Explorers Vest from Oliver + S book, Little Things To Sew. He loved it and wore it often.
This the original one I made and he preferred to call it an Adventure Vest.

Well, he's grown and asked me to make another one, larger and also one for his bear, "Perfect Bear".

As good luck would have it, I had plenty of the same fabric leftover to fill the order.  I had forgotten how quickly the vest goes together and made them both in an afternoon.

The bear vest was mostly by guess .... and by golly it fit!

He wanted lots of badges, so he and gramps picked out some images and transferred them to an iron-on sheet.
I didn't add the extra d-rings this time around mostly because I didn't have any handy.  I didn't make the front pockets bellows either. He didn't seem to mind.

And both have the same badges on the back.

He's thrilled. I'm thrilled. Happy campers all around.


  1. You do such wonderful sewing! I LOVE seeing what you make. Can't believe how big your grandson has gotten!

  2. Oh Deb, everything about this is just delightful!

  3. Do you have a pattern for your vest?